a recent conversation made me think ...

do y'all know that passport strengths vary?

when you have a "weak" passport, you can spend a month taking care of everything (papers showing that you have plenty of assets in your country of origin and thus are less likely to desire to immigrate, letter of guarantee, etc etc) and still have your visa application rejected, while with an e.g. European passport you might not have to take care of anything at all

@rum_and_tea do you mean they vary in strength from one country to another, or there could be variations in strength even for passports issued from the same country?

@technomancy from one country to another, though the latter can also indirectly apply: if you have a history of traveling to, say, Australia, Canada is more likely to let you in

@rum_and_tea I think, in two hundred years, the idea that people were once unequal based on the place where they were born will seem as strange as backwards as slavery is to us now.

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