boosts ++++++++

@aoife yeah, I know people boost polls a lot, but even I'm surprised!

@rum_and_tea oh lmao i’m on mobile so i can’t see the poll, just the text ;P

@shu on the fediverse? maybe lol. just like how queer people seems to be the majority here.

@rum_and_tea Depends on your definition. Who is actually neurotypical? It's a question like "what's normal?"- I find it really hard to draw a line.

@solarkraft @rum_and_tea I'd say "are you far enough along the spectrum to feel challenged by it" is the line

@RedFuture Yeah I should've thought this better didn't I. I guess I'd rely on each person's personal definition for this.

@rum_and_tea the results are unsurprising given this is the fediverse xD

@trevdev reminds me of a poll from a bit back. it got more "I'm nonbinary etc" votes than "I'm a man/I'm a woman" votes, hehe.

@rum_and_tea The fediverse is a great spot for people with unique situations/challenges to share a community with, and that makes me happy.

@rum_and_tea apparently the more +s you put in your poll post, the more boosts it gets

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