PSA: can confirm alt text is *helpful* not just for folks using screen readers, but also for folks who 1) are from different cultures and didn't get what's so funny and/or 2) haven't been up to date on the memes.

Even just an "This is a photo of X" can be seriously helpful, because it tells you that "X" is what you want to look up on Duck Duck Go.

@rum_and_tea maybe there’s a long thread and my mobile connection on a long boring train ride went away *just* before it loaded the photo everybody was talking about, but I have the alt desc (real-life example).

accessibility features make things better in many unpredictable ways!

@elilla Ah, oh yeah! It's also very helpful for people with less reliable internet connections.

@rum_and_tea I'm seeing another case for this. If you have media autoload disabled you can see alt text instead.

@rum_and_tea Oh, great points! I've also found it very helpful when an image hasn't loaded, myself. :pawx80_tup:

@rum_and_tea Seconded.

I can see fine and I can read English, but even a screenshot of English text is made easier for me to interact with by a caption.

It's especially helpful if people write captions based on what they would say if someone they were showing the image said "ok but what is it though" rather than trying to explain the entire image in equal detail.

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