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my favorite Indonesian word is "orangtua" (parent), which is not only gender-neutral but also singular-plural-neutral too. bam, nobody knows whether you come from a single-parent or a five-parent household.

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It's incredible thinking how many of us stand on the shoulders of giants who make free software.

seeing other translators have to grapple with RTL, umlaut/special chars, fonts, etc. make me super grateful for the fact that Indonesian is 100% Latin alphabet

Metaphor I came up whilst driving:

Marketing yourself on Mastodon is possible.

It's just that you're marketing at a farmer's market, not at a mega-mall.

Mastodon Makes Its Users Feel Happy. Here’s Why That’s A Bad Thing

apparently we're using terrible US memes to make fun of Indonesian politics now Show more

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Indonesian politics (or lack of it) Show more

TIL computational origami is a thing. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

Haga's theorems are some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

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Pronoia is a state of mind that is the opposite of paranoia. Show more

*slaps roof of Asia* this bad boy can fit so many Argun Rivers in it

(-) Indonesian politics. Social mental burnout. Show more

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