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tired: writing fan fiction because you love the source material so much and it's a way to connect to it long after you've finished the content
wired: writing fan fiction because canon SUCKS and needs to BURN

I lowkey love it when I see Indonesians on social media write their names in Javanese script, Sundanese script, etc


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terkait agama 

Carly Rae Jepsen and Bleachers' collab is goooooood

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"Double check your answers and you’re spelling and punctuation "


writing spaghetti code be like

I need this program NOW and I don't have the time to refactor properly and not hardcode and pretend I'm a decent programmer, but wow someday this is going to make me cringe so HARD

I lowkey miss commuting home at night. I miss the city lights, the way it breezes at the train station, the way the air slowly starts to chill, the way the world slowly quietens.

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- hundreds of sites and forums full of self-aggrandizing links to magic blogs
- sorcerers complaining constantly about how much they hate magic
- magic tomes being copyrighted, with tons of inaccuracies that aren't open to public review
- magical spells stored in the ... magic cloud hub
- the magic cloud is bad, actually
- crab magic, lambda magic, magic of the sea, haskmagickell-currymagic isomagicmorphism
- zygomagichistormorphmagico prepromagicomorphomagicisms
- "out of a job? learn to magic"

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@if Magic frameworks, disccussions about magic formatting, endless wars about how language X is the one true way to magic, except, no, it's actually language Y you heathen, did I mention the frameworks?

Magic happens in sprints, it's both an art and a science, the field is rife with consultants, bloggers and other know-it-alls. Some manager wondering why it all has to take so long, surely magicking that little thing should be easy, I promied the customer.

Also, frameworks. So many frameworks.

imagine if magic were real and sorcerors acted like programmers about it

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