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Ancient and traditional Indonesian fonts available to download on 'Aksara di Nusantara'

(Got a 509 Error when I tried to access the website, though, shame. I'll have to try later.)

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tired: writing fan fiction because you love the source material so much and it's a way to connect to it long after you've finished the content
wired: writing fan fiction because canon SUCKS and needs to BURN

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life hack:

you can just say "websearch" instead of "google"

there is more than one search engine

don't internalize the brands' language

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are you a normal distribution

the pose kinda reminds me of old days of practicing sketching postures with a wooden figurine

not a fan of birdsite but a fan of the Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia Twitter account and their ASCII art

I'm still mixing up singular/plural stuff in English when I'm tired smh

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lowkey can't wait for Bandung-Jakarta high speed trains even though I probably wouldn't be able to afford it lol

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Going though my Computer History Museum photos and I found the original copy of this 1971 Telnet system diagram from RFC 158. Now you can compare the charming pencil on lined notebook paper to the official scanned version that's been the only one available for decades.

I love this stuff, it reminds me that the internet was invented by humans jotting things down on whatever paper was at hand and not godlike programmers planning everything exquisitely.

ahh to be reminded how gay you are by the way a girl braided her hair :blobcatheart:

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Which one are you using?

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Here's a closeup of the handwriting one. I wandered round the department knocking on doors, asking people to write some mathematical notation. It was fascinating seeing the different symbols and conventions used in different disciplines.
What can you spot in this snippet?

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