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tired: writing fan fiction because you love the source material so much and it's a way to connect to it long after you've finished the content
wired: writing fan fiction because canon SUCKS and needs to BURN

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Deutschsprachige Mastodon Instanzen - Kaptains Log

Es befinden sich aktuell 34 Instanzen auf der Liste Für Neulinge, die noch eine Instanz suchen, sicherlich ein guter Wegweiser. Aber gerade auch für kleinere Instanzen ganz wertvoll, die oft neben den großen Instanzen untergehen.

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organizing the folder for the project I'm freaking out about was surprisingly calming

Software might be neutral, but the people making it are not, so the idea it is possible to remain in the middle is complete bullshit.

As we've seen with mstdn, Purism and even masto main, unless you come down hard and consistently on hate speech, harassment and abuse, it will spread. Period.

Bigots exploit the alleged neutrality of people to spread their hate and violence.

I believe in free speech too. What I don't believe in is endless harassment and abuse.

It's very easy to do both.

Question to writers, especially long form (long poetry, books, graphic novels, etc):

What recommendations do you have for workflow and discipline?

I only have an hour and a half to spare each morning. It’s hard to get past that initial writer’s block. By the time I get going, it’s time to stop and I only have written 500 words.

I also only write once or twice a week.

Trying to get 2,000 words a day (within two hours). Trying to write every day.

What heretical software features can you imagine that would never fly at a growth oriented company but could totally work on free open source social media?

For example, algorithmic timelines are one way to deal with information overload. But what if instead your software offered suggestions for people to unfollow (this person posts a lot and you hardly ever interact with them)? Not necessarily a good idea but it's an idea we could implement that would NEVER happen on Twitter, Facebook, etc

I need to find a trans community in NW Florida. I feel like I'm slowly falling to pieces, unable to present as male. If you're in the area, especially the Bay County area, can you please get in touch with me?

If you're not, can you please boost this so that area residents can see this?

I wonder if there are any RSS readers that support the Dat protocol...

Anyone know? It'd be really cool to be able to distribute video podcasts via a torrent like swarm.

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