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PSA: can confirm alt text is *helpful* not just for folks using screen readers, but also for folks who 1) are from different cultures and didn't get what's so funny and/or 2) haven't been up to date on the memes.

Even just an "This is a photo of X" can be seriously helpful, because it tells you that "X" is what you want to look up on Duck Duck Go.

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tired: writing fan fiction because you love the source material so much and it's a way to connect to it long after you've finished the content
wired: writing fan fiction because canon SUCKS and needs to BURN

it's raining and i broke my umbrella aaaa
(fortunately sheltered rn but!!! running out of time!!! aa)

when you're typing on a traditional keyboard, how do you type?

Just met up with a friend. Him and I have now leveled up from "close friends" to "buds who cry over girls together".

Have you ever sent a fax?

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cute girl i've been crushing on says trans rights 👀👀

Is this the first time I noticed a cute girl?? No.

Is this the first time I don't try to restrain myself from thinking about it, the first time I don't actively try to shut down my attraction and feelings, the first time I don't just take a deep breath and hope it all will go away (again)? Yes.

if your pronouns ever change and you come across something old where i call you the wrong (previous) one tell me and i will delete it

hi for the record if i die of combustion anytime in the near future it's probably because of a cute girl kthxbai

wow i'm such a disaster and what even is flirting

uncle still regularly posting pro-queer (not just LGB but also T stuff incl. pro-enby stuff) on birdsite and I probably would never come out to him ever but it's sweet

(I don't even have many [first] cousins. We're on weird awkward terms but it's not exactly bad terms it's complicated. I have no excuses.)

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TIL my cousin has been working on a Master's degree??? for two years??? and I had NO idea????

I'm the worst cousin ever, don't be me.

when i was twelve my best friend found out that our piano teacher is a long-lost relative of hers and i was like, "k, happens all the time"

it's been years and i've found out that it does not, in fact, actually happen all the time

Lewd-adjacent geometry 

ok serious question time (boosts yes)

what are ppl currently upset with about matrix?

(ideally besides the only full client is a web browser yeah that's currently a thing unfortunately but also every proprietary chat does the same thing)

bad take: “back in my day we didn’t have [X]! Kids are so entitled!!”

good take: “I grew up without [X], and here’s how it felt to experience it for the first time. We have a long way to go as a society but inventions even in my lifetime have improved our world immeasurably”

ok the absolute speed i can write half assed spaghetti code that works well enough™ is legitimately scary

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