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seeing other translators have to grapple with RTL, umlaut/special chars, fonts, etc. make me super grateful for the fact that Indonesian is 100% Latin alphabet

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@softmetals I dunno about cool, but giant cassowaries are something I’m very pleased aren’t something I have to worry about

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I don't really get angry or outraged about accessibility, but it does make me sad. It makes me sad that the industry doesn't really prioritize teaching this thing, and it's only strongly adhered to if there is a looming legal threat. Open-source projects seem particularly hit or miss (mostly miss), since there is no expectation except that it looks okay and mostly gets the job done.

E.g. this is a sobering read on the state of web accessibility

The thing is, I don't know if accessibility-shaming really works. Especially because there are different degrees, and it's not an all-or-nothing thing. It's not like you're a horrible person if you don't make all touch targets 44x44, every link underlined, and every GIF paused-by-default.

OTOH there are some basic things ppl are missing, like labeling inputs or using buttons instead of divs/spans. We should prioritize teaching those things, because products are literally unusable without them.

Sometimes taking care of the hard things is self care. Get them done and you'll free yourself of that stress.

Anybody need anything translated to/from Indonesian?

Written, drawn, illustrated, designed, laid-out, copywritten?

Hit me up, yo. I'm free.


phrenology is back baby, and this time it uses the Algorithm™!

random Indonesian vocab:

abu-abu adj. -- the color gray, has also been used to mean non-binary (gender) but it's not common usage yet

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stumbled into an AO3 fic with the tag "not brexit compliant"

... ok

me: *visits website*
video: *autoplays in the corner*
me: *uses the uBlock picker tool*
video: *goes quiet, didn't disappear*
me: *tries again*
me: *tries again the eight time*
video: *finally disappears*

websites these days sheesh

I feel like I just accidentally stumbled into a secret society.

Subcultures have a magic about them in that they exist *because* people *choose* to live that lifestyle and then style

It isn't about spreading it everywhere. It isn't about becoming more powerful. It is not a business. It isn't for fame.

It's about values and living a certain way, having a certain culture that you may already find yourself in

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