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tired: writing fan fiction because you love the source material so much and it's a way to connect to it long after you've finished the content
wired: writing fan fiction because canon SUCKS and needs to BURN

nsfw, sexual, TMI 

i could get my work done



i drafted a sad fanfic and now i'm sad too and it's been hours but i'm still sad because of my own doing


got a DM on Discord from someone saying that they're sending all their Discord friends a message of declaration that they're leaving it because they're against monopolies. which is valid and cool except I don't even know this person at all??? no mutual friend or mutual server either

apparently having a common white girl name means my gf constantly sends me surreal memes of "[insert my name here] behavior"

i think i just don't really like talking about blockchain in general unless we're talking about the mathematical stuff etc etc which IS cool

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there's a lot of things i don't want to talk about to my mom and blockchain is definitely one of it

covid pandemic @ indonesia, death, parental death

"lost generation" ... seems apt, in a sad way. two years ago i'd never thought i'd live to see children and teenagers being orphaned in masses:(

thinking about that one high school friend who somehow ended up becoming an astrologer except the thing is i can't tell whether he genuinely believes in it or is just selling it

sometimes the bad thing about being an engineering student isn't the workload it's the gatekeepy high-and-mighty students you meet lol

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wow the internet is a weird place just saw someone say audio engineers ain't real engineers because all they do is "make beats" ... bro they're highly related to electrical engineering depending on which subdiscpline we're talking about are you going to call electrical engineering fake next


hard to believe that it's been 7 years, i still feel like it happened yesterday ...

found a probably-helpful slide from one of berkeley's pages though thanks berkeley eecs

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lowkey frustrated i don't have the solutions manual to my current hardest course's textbook lol ,,,

the textbook is on libgen but the solutions manual isn't

suicide, explicit mention of suicide method, college 

*already depressing as it is

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suicide, explicit mention of suicide method, college 

i'm glad the manager of my university's social media account has chosen to delete the comments who were all like "oh so this was the guy who hanged himself?" or "oh this was the guy on the news" etc. do people not think before they comment? 😔 it's rude and the current atmosphere is as depressing as it is.

suicide, college, vent 

^ "some people" referring to people from outside the university, not the student body

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suicide, college, vent 

kinda sucks that since my university has a suicide rate/mh problem, some people just joke about it in a "oh another so-and-so institute suicide lol" way as if it's just another regular event. it's not, though improvements ARE needed.

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suicide, college 

first day of classes tomorrow and we're starting off this new semester with news of the death of another fellow student, this time from suicide :(

well, take care of yourself everyone, and your loved ones too.

i now associate barbara streisand with the streisand effect more than whatever it is that she does

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