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tired: writing fan fiction because you love the source material so much and it's a way to connect to it long after you've finished the content
wired: writing fan fiction because canon SUCKS and needs to BURN

Showerthought: I've seen many say that leftists are just upper-middle class privileged kids who don't want to work, but tbh from my experience if you're an "upper-middle class privileged kid" it's much easier, cushier, and more comfortable to play the game instead of going against it. Takes less energy, too.

oh oops I still have synced Mobile Bookmarks to sort through ... it should be faster though

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fINALLY tackled and organized all my bookmarks I'm so PROUD of myself

my "Other Bookmarks" folder is finally empty!!!!!

why did I bookmark this paper I don't even understand???? I can't even tell if it is about mathematics, physics, or philosophy???

how often do you open fedi?

oh my god it's a good thing I already had my lesbian panic years ago

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juvenile humor, k-pop 

As someone who would have chosen the third option if I could vote in my own poll it seems like I'm in the minority so far lol.

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how often do you open fedi?

oh, to be einstein and have all the cool quotes be attributed to you,

tempted to fuck around and analyze birdsite content data (specifically linguistic data) for personal research but idk about the ethics

I think one of my biggest fears right now is Repetitive Strain Injury

someone opened an issue on Mastodon's github about "I think people hide too much stuff. let's get rid of content warnings" and I swear to god I've never wanted to beat up someone so badly

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you know shit is going to get really Bad when a webcomic that already had a dark, gory plotline going on (that wasn't warned of) explicitly warns you that there will be Distressing Themes

colonialism, no context 

so apparently many engineering students (like CS) also complain about how many of the companies on the job market is ... well, not the epitome of ethical

side effect of putting your pronouns on your profile: TERFs hate it and would probably avoid you too.

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