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New ETS2 update beta finally adds B-doubles, and with steering axles I can drive the longest (6x4) truck in game with it without worry

why have an average animal tail when you can have a cute monster tail like with the only good kancolle design: re-class battleship

driving to durango in ATS, mountain passes are fun (when invisible walls don't stop your truck instantly)

anime, edgy pissboy humor 

...and straight to not interested. And trust me, i'm doing an honor not showing the thumbnail

Got some mods for ATS to add mexico, a good part of Texas, realistic engine sounds, and a 4x2 T800

Steven Universe spoilers, shitpost 

an edit of the movie poster for "My big fat greek wedding" but it's "My big fat lesbian wedding" with ruby and sapphire quickly edited in


i don't get how youtube thinks I want to watch pissboys even though I literally have not watched a single one of them and say i'm not interested to every last one

Getting ready for ATS event by playing some of it instead of ETS2 for a change

I just love it when different gear just slots in perfectly in destiny 2

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