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my music player deciding to start play angry chiptunes at full volume shortly after joining my 1-1 call w/ coworker today was astute. turn it up

Hello does anyone want to work with me and other talented public interest technologists on a part time basis to secure a web API protocol I have been developing with Digital Lab? has been cruising along working through the data model and message formats for interoperable data requests & i am woefully under-skilled for making sure something as important as data rights and digital identity can be exchanged in a secure fashion. How about you?


this cat lives nearby the zendo and every day I get to play with him for a few minutes before and afterwards

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just listened to an entire drum and bass set at 1.25x speed on youtube without noticing

working with the nixpkgs repo with magit makes me want to throw magit in the dumpster :(

currently at the "what if i bought a sprinter conversion van and hawked wholesale tea in the parking lots of national parks" stage of computering-as-job

i feel so far out of my element doing security design work, it's not even funny.

this is still the funniest Work Thing i see on a regular occurance

the only thing i hate more than graphviz node placement is every other diagramming tool

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