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Petition to replace the term 'walking simulator' with 'stroll-playing game'

I really was looking forward to going to tonight’s Privacy Lab in SF but I’m just so tootin tired.

Those stock markets sure are β€œup’ today arent they

Just came across this neat tool:

Plug in your Mastodon and Twitter accounts and it'll point out any of your Twitter follows that are already on Masto.

Hey fedifriends, make sure to try out the new Firefiox 57 it is really really great!

I should spend more time working on non-animated glitch works; I feel like if I spent some time framing and taking photos I could do some really good work even just on my phone.

I’m Ryan. Computers are the worst thing, except for everything else. I make glitch art and make sure user data is secure and private at my day job.

Oooh Ok so #Introductions
I'm Mike - technically this is our band account buuut I do all the social media stuff so it's more of a personal account anyway.

I'm a musician (chiptune / guitar / vocals / piano) in the California Desert (Palm Springs), Bay Area expat (rest of the band is still there) and my wife Delicaye and I rescue cats. We have 21 in the colony at the moment.

Sooo if you're into music, cats, intersectional feminism and video games we'll get along great <3

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