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The problem with averages:

Five people receive money in the following amounts: $1, $1, $1, $2, $95.

On average, each person receives $20. (The total is $100, divide by 5.) This is the mean, but it's wildly unrepresentative.

The median value, though, is $1. (It's in the center of the sorted list.) This is a much more accurate representation of what the "average person" gets.

Consider this when you're looking at things like payouts, tax cuts, etc.

Probably about time to double down on things involving my health insurance, and my health.

Today BROCKHAMPTON began to infiltrate the Thieve's Guild as a level 2 FBI secret agent

β€œI’m not getting my UberEATS drivers number so that I can tell him the curry was a little dry”

Me. I said this

UPDATE: I ate a brownie and a ginger cookie and got sand in my hair

it was too windy to do anything but i sat on the beach anyways

should i go at the beach with my ebook reader and nothin' else?

or maybe just bring my Dana....

i should probably figure out why my desktopserver locks up as much as it does

I have a bag that perfectly fits my Alphasmart, my GPD Pocket and a hotspot.

This is very good.

Update: I played it and got beat up in all my online matches. Gonna does some time browsing forums to figure out best practices I guess. And maybe try my roommate’s hitbox or fight stick

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