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picture of minor abrasions 

both of the folks who saw me hit the pavement stopped and made sure i was okay, that was nice

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picture of minor abrasions 

got a bit too far in to the uhhh racer's mindset and had my first significant biff on my touring bike Marra. five minutes and five seconds after "just try to take the apex a bit more aggresively" and five minutes after finding my bike wash out from under me.

got lucky with only some abrasions and surely a bruised knee tomorrow. limit testing this thing like its a roadie isnt smart.

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I'm out on my bike right now but when i get home im gonna play some on

ill be practicing and reviewing my recce for round one of the Art of Rally Championship Series. I'll be going up against multiple world record holders 🫣

gotta get a shot with the 玉ねぎ signs for the sponsor!

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fml my sleep schedule again it's 2am and i'm trapped in photo mode, hoisted by my own pitard. dune!!!

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working on a new livery inspired by the Apple-sponsored Porsche 935 k3

probably would've been better to do this on the 911-alike but das whip is too big, too fast, too strong

food picture, vegetarian 

japacurry beans japacurry beans

Sitting with a few thoughts on leaving software engineering to pursue @tea farming or tea sales after watching a youtube video about my favorite little tea village in Japan:

I implemented a "sitemap" of sorts within my small network of sites. What I found was a memory of land I had "walked" among for years, an uncanny geography mapping my mental understanding of site-as-place. This is mostly because I have a ton of pages which I published and have not linked to or updated since the last time I had a site with this sort of ForceAtlas2 "map".

What better way to spend the 4th of July than out of the country at a motorsport event? the smell of high octane fuel, the roar of the engines, the excitement of the crowd… ah. Well, maybe not. This is electric racing and Canadians we're talking about.

This weekend I rode a bike around Vancouver and sat in the rain rather than cancel 500$ lodgings after the event was canceled. It was nice.

like yeah we get it you live in a church, don't we all wish we could

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i thought the whole point of a tiny desk concert is that you got jjammed in to some uncomfortable corner or home studio to perform because I use emacs-overlay it's not as simple as `quelpa-use-package` or whatever, i gotta write a melpaBuild derivation for each one............

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