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the camera even on maax gaain and exposure is dark, and the sensor cant autofocus...

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i'm a pioneer, i'm an explorer, i'm a human, i'm animated, my heart's big, it's got blood going through it fast, i'm a throwback, this is what we're made of, this is this what we look like like

last year a squirrel kept digging up my potted tea plants. look what I pulled out today, a sprouted black walnut. put it in the ground, I hope it can re-root! @plants

time to either get in shape for summer weekend cycling tours or destroy my desk, laptop, cycle, and ribs simultaneously

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funselektor has tee-shirt merch and i had to pick up the Treeline one.

sad there's no denktuch (roughly: thinking hat?) brand merch, or 玉ねぎ (spring onion/green onion) though. I think the fake motorsport brands they designed are all really great though. i adore this quirky little game.

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if i end up living out of a van it'd be called the One Chance Encounter and i'd sell tea out of it in parks and events

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Thread of some of my favorite Art of Rally photos, my favorite vidya game by an indie dev team whose lead lives out of a sprinter van

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