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art of rally is still my game of the year. the PS5 version feels fresh and interesting just because of the controller haptics. they really nailed it.


wrote a bad un-license to dissuade anyone from taking this seriously.

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Hey Smell This

I wrote some elisp and python which can work together to get my Arcology web publishing platform off the ground again.

petname document web powering a social network of communally managed nixos and emacs configuration snippets, the software to assemble them reproducably

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ipfs + petname system powering an org and markdown document web

trying again to get a bang search shortcut in to duckduckgo...

surely this must be useful to more than 500 people -- no idea why else they didn't accept it the last time i requested it. entered my email address in to the form this time.


the key lesson in 3d printing is to always wait for the print to finish successfully before proudly posting that you got the machine working, finally

Some of these photos from Nature Conservancy's photo contest are incredible, enchanting, beautiful. love the yunnan farmers. love the cheetahs.

I'm gonna end up with a god complex if I keep narrowly avoiding injury on my bike... @mastobikes

programming my viruses to all say HELP ME when you kill them

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standing in my spinning phone book waiting for a find | grep to run

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