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trimmed the rosemary bush. cut a bunch of starters out of it and set them in water to reroot. thinking about trying to "bonsai" a few of them, but mostly they're for kitchen windows. if anyone asks me for rosemary in a month or two, THEY'RE GONNA GET IT.

this weekend I refreshed my elisp dev and put together a minimal version of Arroyo, an arbitrary set of org mode documents that tangle in to system to deploy nixos+homemanager+emacs across a dozen or 100+ org mode docs curated and customized by the user of the Arroyo system. I'm planning to slowly migrate my config repo in to arroyo submodules and providing documentation for building a barebones nixos laptop and server in to an Arroyo system along with modules that encapsulate the principles of my Concept Operating System for others to use or take inspiration from. for now it can tangle my existing configuration files.

it also allowed me to migrate to the latest version of org roam and off of the fork. that broke my website, but I think the site engine can be ported to the new database schema pretty quickly. that said, I have had some fun with FastAPI this week and could probably build Arcology with that........

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There are parts of Seattle that have incredible views of the mountain ranges surrounding the city. HeyWhatsThat shows you for a given location + altitude where your horizon is and what you can see on them. At Golden Gardens you can see quite a lot of the Olympics on a clear day, but I never realized how *little* of the range you can actually see. Some of the largest peaks are closer to Port Angeles ( and are behind the relatively diminutive Mt Townsend.

go look at some mountains ya bums.

wrapped my bike bars myself 😍 tried moving my bike bag to behind the saddle but it'll probably go back on my bars, but I love the full photoreflective, it's going to be great for night riding.

consult-buffer can be configured easily with new sources of buffers. org-roam is basically a new source of buffers. this allows you to always have your org-roam at hand.

with the configuration on that page, the "priority" is (existing buffer name, file name, org-roam title) and the load is quite quick as you can see. my fingers are crackling with power, especially if I figure out how to get previews to work >:)

gotta say: this mesh strainer is a game changer for my tea

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while I have the CCE on the operating table I intend to do some work splitting the core API and helpers out in to their own module which could be shared on GitHub or so -- it's time to share this system and set of processes, but I aim to draw some pretty clear lines around the part that are "my" system, and the core elements composing it, and to re-assess the values that got the system to its current state.

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This sort of "document collection as application" system interests me and is pulling at the same corners of the proverbial sheet as I am with my cce config generator and arcology site engine, org-roam really changed up the game by giving people easy access and inspiration in a sqlite3 database

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Tonight I stumbled on vino, a cool hypermedia application which uses metadata stored in org-mode documents to draw reports and insights on one's wine collection. I'm interested in adapting this idea to my drinking ...

Today I am writing awful lisp to make a few small evil-mode minor-modes for my few X11 applications. experiments in modal interfaces following successful experiments with


The local tea cafe sold me a kabusecha and told me it’s one of the best green teas I could get my hands on. I told the seller I might call his bluff. I might. Can you tell the difference just by looking at these two shaded senchas? Surely you can taste it if you look hard enough.

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Spring Japanese harvest came in today. Spring sencha is such a joy! Looking most forward to trying the “first nightmare” white tea processed from tea buds which suffered an overnight frost in April, and the intern black tea. In the meantime, sipping color in to my life with a shaded sencha. ☺️
I think I will have quite enough green tea to get through to next year or at least fall harvest ;)

did some 3d designing today, working on a cantilever'd stand to put my GPD pocket over my atreus keyboard so that i can keep this little 7 inch laptop in my bag for park days and write in the sun

caves of qud 

I'm a big fan of Yurl, they could kick my ass because they are very tough. caves of qud's new wander mode is a lot of fun because you can run around the world trading stories with folks like this sentient cucumber vine and instead of everything immediately killing me, only very aggressive things will immediately and only cost me an hour's playtime spent in jungles and ruins. you can set more checkpoints, but my personal rule is to not use the manual checkpointing, town saves only. very relaxing way to play, especially since i can roleplay as a very frail explorer-researcher bounding through this world of constant bloody conflict between goatfolk and masked foragers, rifling through trash for secrets

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