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Today I am writing awful lisp to make a few small evil-mode minor-modes for my few X11 applications. experiments in modal interfaces following successful experiments with


The local tea cafe sold me a kabusecha and told me it’s one of the best green teas I could get my hands on. I told the seller I might call his bluff. I might. Can you tell the difference just by looking at these two shaded senchas? Surely you can taste it if you look hard enough.

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Spring Japanese harvest came in today. Spring sencha is such a joy! Looking most forward to trying the “first nightmare” white tea processed from tea buds which suffered an overnight frost in April, and the intern black tea. In the meantime, sipping color in to my life with a shaded sencha. ☺️
I think I will have quite enough green tea to get through to next year or at least fall harvest ;)

did some 3d designing today, working on a cantilever'd stand to put my GPD pocket over my atreus keyboard so that i can keep this little 7 inch laptop in my bag for park days and write in the sun

caves of qud 

I'm a big fan of Yurl, they could kick my ass because they are very tough. caves of qud's new wander mode is a lot of fun because you can run around the world trading stories with folks like this sentient cucumber vine and instead of everything immediately killing me, only very aggressive things will immediately and only cost me an hour's playtime spent in jungles and ruins. you can set more checkpoints, but my personal rule is to not use the manual checkpointing, town saves only. very relaxing way to play, especially since i can roleplay as a very frail explorer-researcher bounding through this world of constant bloody conflict between goatfolk and masked foragers, rifling through trash for secrets

I found a PDF showcasing some of the biggest trees in the olympic national forest a few hours west of Seattle. I visited a few of them recently, and I think you should too. the western side of the olympics is quiet logging country, but the national forest and national park are full of these ancient beautiful trees, hundred year old trees growing out of much older mother logs

the world's largest sitka spruce is estimated to be roughly 1000 years old, the tree stands 191 feet tall, 17.7 feet in diameter, is on private land in Quinalt but there's a public path to see it.

what i believe was once the the world's largest western red cedar is a 20 minute drive north, there's a sign marked "big cedar tree" on the US-101. A storm felled it in 2014, but it's still alive and healing. It's estimated to be 1000 years old, too. the new champion is the Duncan Cedar which I didn't visit.

pictures don't do them justice, obviously. link This Redacted collection compiling all the use of the amen break is pretty neat.

prototyping an aball-compatible trackball module for the atreus

3d printed new risers for my atreus. they're not balanced and they're ugly but they printed on 5 year old PLA that i have been keeping in my living room. newer, nicer PLA coming this week.

today i'm brewing a new puerh , my first bing from the local lovelies at floating leaves

i'm ... still not sold on puerh i guess. i like it enough and it's complex and interesting but i am getting soo much enjoyment and growth out of oolongs and japanese green teas that it feels silly to dilute myself further exploring deeply. this is nice after half a dozen infusions though, i could see this getting me through quite a long morning in a way that my other teas simply can't.

the flower form of the plant, only one flower between my two young plants and so late in the year!

and from the one what which had an illness earlier this year we had to fight and whose scars still show on the leaves. rooting for you!

a ; looking forward to the rest of the talks today, enjoying some hojicha on a gray seattle day.

™️™️™️™️™️ bad idea 

Metal crazy straw with a silicone tip, and fucking radiator fins down the crazy part

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