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today i'm brewing a new puerh , my first bing from the local lovelies at floating leaves

i'm ... still not sold on puerh i guess. i like it enough and it's complex and interesting but i am getting soo much enjoyment and growth out of oolongs and japanese green teas that it feels silly to dilute myself further exploring deeply. this is nice after half a dozen infusions though, i could see this getting me through quite a long morning in a way that my other teas simply can't.

the flower form of the plant, only one flower between my two young plants and so late in the year!

and from the one what which had an illness earlier this year we had to fight and whose scars still show on the leaves. rooting for you!

a ; looking forward to the rest of the talks today, enjoying some hojicha on a gray seattle day.

™️™️™️™️™️ bad idea 

Metal crazy straw with a silicone tip, and fucking radiator fins down the crazy part

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™️™️™️™️™️ bad idea 

What if u had a straw that had a radiator in it so that the coffee was a bit cooler

watching matrix reloaded 

Gonna code up an American Truck Simulator combat mod to recreate the freeway battle scene,,,

players sending furious bug reports about how they keep losing points due to unavoidable damage to your cargo of road-ready, fully field Ducati motorcycles, even if you can save your rig with 100% health

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watching matrix reloaded 

Trinity just sshnuked the shit out of the power plant

i hit an issue on-stream which kept me from implementing a cool demo, I found an emacs org-mode mailing list post from 2010 describing the same issue: it struggles to find my prompt to know when output is finished. a brief overview of literate programming and the CCE, then setting up the universal aggregator bit of post-hoc wind down where i brew some tea and talk about conscientious tech and mutual aide.

This coloring page from was going great until it was time to draw the lines! Program crashed and didn't write a checkpoint to restart at, got the origin off a bit.

animated gif 

By the power of MACHINE LEARNING!

back to the niu mini with mx clears... this keyboard is really enjoyable to type on still. the keycaps also match my nail polish

These are the ideas behind the decades-long vision of Arcology, reached independently by people with similar ideologies as mine. Tribes forming...

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This is very important! This is what lies past free software for me. This is a signpost and a warning.

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I have spent the last four hours thinking about Software and I have come to the conclusion that it is still awful.


First work of my own on the , programmed using Paper.js. It's printed on A3 heavyweight paper using Pilot Precise pens. Lots of little issues, but I'm very happy with this output so early on.

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