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First work of my own on the , programmed using Paper.js. It's printed on A3 heavyweight paper using Pilot Precise pens. Lots of little issues, but I'm very happy with this output so early on.

re: evil-hack, emacs meta-commentary, un-captioned screenshot again 

This is nearly an IDE.

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re: evil-hack, emacs meta-commentary 

*this* is the power Org-mode and Emacs grant me. This completely impractical portable knowledge engine COULD BE YOURS for only 10-12 hours a week time investment!

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un-cw'd text screenshot, evil hack, long, just a blog post basically 

Hello I am doing damnable things, and I am not going to caption this document until I can just link to it.

I've written an org-mode document that is a Paper.js Literate Programming environment.

You can see a flow, in the attached screenshot, the text itself doesn't matter right now: I explain a bit about the tool I'm using and how I ended up on it, what I want to use it for. You see how I set up my environment in its entirety. And then there is a canvas with art on it, and the code that generates it within.

This is trending towards an application, a fully integrated development environment.

I could include elisp code here such that Emacs would execute the buffer, export the html and then notify firefox to reload the tab. I should. I shall! ahahaha

After I get to proficiency with Paper.js to start plotting with my AxiDraw, I will be able to send SVG exports to the plotter within this document, and include photos of the output in export.


Holy cow!!! This isn't even on good paper.

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misinformation, cybre 

I won't link to it to protect my sources but there is a new Windows 10 remix where all the iconography is replaced with Toy Story iconography floating around the Dark Net


Bi Lou Chun, today! This Chinese green is made from the very first buds, sweet and grassy, though the second infusion was overbrewed to astringent.

My mouth is watering 🤤

Sewed on my Cybrewear patch finally. Fingers hurt. I like this bag, Tenba photo messenger bag. Fits my GPD and plenty of other stuff inside it.

long, computer :( 

there is a fiddly thing in my laptop where when you close the lid the keyboard keys, uh, sink in to the bezel so that they're flush.

i had my keyboard replaced due to uh minor liquid penetration uhh like six months ago and the keyboard didn't do that "rise-and-fall" any more. the laptop would wake up in my bag whenever i went out with it, and the pressure of the keys was damaging the display.

it's this spring-loaded mechanism attached to the display hinge, really clever thing, it drives a pin in and out when you close and open the display. that was installed incorrectly, and unsurprisingly so, it turns out i have to install the display to the bezel with it indexed to like 80-90 degrees. logistically obnoxious. and of course i realized this *after* i took out the keyboard, all forty 1mm screws.

but now my laptop feels better when it's closed

nothing, tea, masculine talking 

*.✧ shine on in everything you try to do 。*゚+

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nothing, tea, masculine talking 

Hitting the Sleepytime twice in one night, dude?? Slamming the sauce, bro? You leaving the jam out again tonight, my guy? You straight making a muffin and jam, you mad lad? You falling asleep with a book in your hand, you absolute beast mode sailor??


multi 👏 class 👏 racing

plants, indoors, in plastic pots 

I just received delivery of two plants!!! In a few years maybe I'll make some awful green tea for my friends.

(i got them from

been using this shiba inu picture as a test image, thanks

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