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"I want to not be frustrated. Am I looking at this wrong? Should I try adapting the way I work and the way I expect my tools to work to emacs, rather than the other way around? How have you fine people dealt with the issue where emacs is just so... different from everything else you have ever used, and feels so limited?"

chewing on this

journalisme take 

plants, indoors, in plastic pots 

Bog Data is like Big Data but your foot falls in to it and it eats your shoe when you try to use it

dbz kakarot, early cutscene screenshots 


Seattle event 

Had to wire some money. 90% of these were silent for four seconds before hanging up. the others were out of date by the time they rang.

The Lake Washington Ship Canal Fish Ladder

Dedicated to the perpetuation and enhancement of anadromous fish runs of the lake washington watershed.

constructed 4 july 1917 - rehabilitated 1 june 1976

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Kernel Raymond J Eineigl - Seattle District Engineer
Maj Gen Wesley E Peel - North Pacific Division Engineer

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I really hope they don't mess up the adaptation in some critical places like they did in 1917, the source material is sooooo good

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The post-credits teaser in 1917 was really funny, I can't wait for 1918 to come out!

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