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WebOS does and did feel incredibly pleasant to use.

They retained the mirror finish on the slide out behind the screen, which I think they used in ads for the original Pre to check makeup

The keyboard, I miss it so much and there were better ones than the Veer. I still have a Verizon Pre 3 that I would love to break out but I'm not sure how to get going now that all the firstboot servers are dead. Have to go through webOS-internals again

The LightPhone 2, webOS nerds only 

The LightPhone 2 

The LightPhone 2 

lightphone (2) 

The worldbrain memex is finally stable, but I know that if I pick it up I'm gonna be pissed but not do anything about it.

Every day I go "I sure do wish I had the arcology right now!" And then rather than work on the piece of software i continue to dump my world in to Pocket and Emacs and have to rely on my memory not for the memories but for their location and the links between them.

This Street lamp has antannae and an LED on it and it's either counting/recording pedestrians or cars and I hate it

() ascii ribbon campaign - against html e-mail
/\ - against proprietary attachments

links awakening 


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