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This Street lamp has antannae and an LED on it and it's either counting/recording pedestrians or cars and I hate it

() ascii ribbon campaign - against html e-mail
/\ - against proprietary attachments

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How do I commission a compilation video of PG&E maintenance operation video set to Decisive Battle

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What if the pge shutdown is just an Operation Yashima-esque power requisition and they're gonna shoot an octohedron named Ramiel

Any web site which uses contenteditable is just fukcing useless garbage on Firefox when the computer is under *any* cpu pressure and it makes me hate the entire internet and the fucking tech monoculturalists who let it happen

Guess this iPhone isn’t an β€œoutside the house” phone any more... 78% max charge and a 50% drain in two hours. Guess I can get the battery replaced.

NY E-Prix 

MSP collecting data towards education ( and working towards solutions at hood canal.

Great time. LLTK & Jacques White

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