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sonicfox donated 10k of his recent tournament winnings to his opponent so he could pay for his dad's cancer treatment, thats like sportsmanship level over 9000
imagine kids looking at the fighting game community right now and they see the top player across multiple games is a queer black furry who respects his opponents, honestly couldnt have imagined this a few years ago it's very good

β€œHey y’all wanna Yahoo? This one was sent in by Level 9000 Yadrew Druid Drew Davenport, from Yadrew Answers user sorry something’s gone wrong. They ask... what if Pikachu was a cop and could talk? What would his partner be like and what funny crimes would he solve?”

I think maybe the reason the Detective Pikachu trailer has sent me into an existential crisis is that it so clearly is actually a McElroy brothers bit but through some alchemy has become Velveteen-Rabbit-style-Real. Griffin is supposed to do a funny bit about Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu and then Travis chimes in about the horrifyingly-realistic-Mr-Mime invisible box gag; I’m not supposed to see it with my actual flesh eyes, in the real world.

Put him up on an action base. Trying to decide if I'll panel line or touch up the blue sections with some metallic blue gundam marker

- tea
- water
- gin
- liquid snake
- tea

sext: you drink herbal or flavored teas while i excitedly chew my piece of gum

Props to the folks at Google who made the Pixelbook pen take a AAAA battery, ensuring that mine will always be dead when i want to use it.

Finished with the main suit of the HGUC Unicorn Perfectability kit I picked up from the Gundam Base Tokyo shop. It's a kitbash of Unicorn, Banshee, and Banshee Norn. Pretty fun.

Today's work is a simple spring pu-erh I picked up at Northwest Tea Festival in a Yixing clay pot. I lost track of how many steepings this pot has had. It's still so sweet.

Each Gundam universe has its own backronym for GUNDAM and I think that's beautiful.

Hell yeah I like GUNDAM:

- General
- Unilateral
- Neuro-link
- Dispersive
- Autonomic
- Maneuver

Hell yeah I like GUNDAM:

- Gamma
- UNificational
- Dimalium
- Amalgam
- Mobile-suit

Hell yeah I like GUNDAM:

- General purpose
- Utility
- Non-
- Discontinuity
- Augmentation
- Maneuvering weapon system

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