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I set up a Wireguard VPN today and it works on my Chromebook. Thanks for reminding me this exists @iliana it's pretty alright!

The most wild thing is that ChromeOS's Android runtime implements the VPN APIs that Android apps can hook in to, but they run it in the Chrome namespace such that your browsing and ChromeOS apps are tunneled. :holycow: But it doesn't tunnel the stuff running in Crostini.


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Thankโ€™s Admin. I got my Devilโ€™s Level Kickstarter rewards today so thatโ€™s a cool box.

it's two am, Love as a Dark Hallway on a burnt disk in the car's CD player, windows down to hear it. two butts on the hood of the car, two heads reclined on the windshield. stars laid out above, resplendent and clear, sky full of hope and a deep unending emptiness to fill with stories.

I can take weird long-exposure photos now that I have a real camera lens again. Might have to start roaming around at weird hours with a gorillapod again

I do so love this green oolong . I love how the edges of the leaves are so slightly browned from the firing. It takes vegetal and warm and itโ€™s just what I need to watch the sun rise while sitting in the park. Yesterday I went to bed at 18 because I had a migraine and now Iโ€™m here.

Take a break -- it's the perfect time to run to the kitchen for a tasty hot dog or a refreshing soa. Mmmm....good! We'll keep the installation going!

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