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Here are some glitches for you! I hope you like them, because introducing randomness into the boring reality of meatspace is the perfect way to start the day.

Found a critical logic bug in this dev branch that I added nine days ago :hhHHHAAAH:

Thinking a lot about things i want to do when i quit my job and

the list is long

and it's all dumb art projects

UPDATE: The alert change we reverted 8 minutes after I made the change, and so I downtimed the entire alert set and copied them to one that wouldn't overwrite

and so instead I just make the alerts ignore the (invalid) health check endpoint, but that could just be overwritten at any time without any warning because service owners at this stupid fucking company aren't allowed to manage their own alerts because they can't be trusted to even pretend to do it well.

so the people who *do* do it well get fucking rolled over by a mountain of garbage

like i know the exact command that *someone* ran *somewhere* but literally no way to figure out who that person is without paging an intermediary service.

Love to be paged at 08:00 for a failing health check in a service that doesn't have a server port. software defined routing is cool because it makes it impossible to track down bad behavior but trivial to alert on it.

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