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I do so love this green oolong . I love how the edges of the leaves are so slightly browned from the firing. It takes vegetal and warm and it’s just what I need to watch the sun rise while sitting in the park. Yesterday I went to bed at 18 because I had a migraine and now I’m here.

Take a break -- it's the perfect time to run to the kitchen for a tasty hot dog or a refreshing soa. Mmmm....good! We'll keep the installation going!

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please tell us why our autoplay algorithm gave you garbage conspiracy theory youtube on a clean account

Implemented CW filters as an advice function in the mastodon.el client since I hate that not a single client can do this.

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Well I have my CCE running on the Pixelbook, it looks like...........

Time to get my Maildir copied to it!

@chr hey random though: with the cybre theme has a blue bar if you do the progressive web-app mode in chromeos, is that something that can be changed in the app manifest or anything :3

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