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Mara would like me to send her voice clips less. I've stopped using Google's dictate feature since that sends all my audio to google. Are there any decent dictation apps for android that run locally?


sext: i apply blush in my circular motion if you have a square buy your baby pink, peach, or sheer plum color if youxe2x80x99re fair-skinned

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@huertanix do you have any idea if Nowhere Men vol2 is ever going to come out

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Looking for a roommate for a rather spacious apartment in Vancouver- Your share would be about $700/month after expenses which is really good for Burnaby. Finally admitting that I shouldn't be living above my means, and I love this apartment and don't want to move out.

There is a festival in on September 29/30 and it looks mad fun. Let’s go.


The program looks legit as heck. Brewing technique workshops, artisan tea tastings, tea growing workshops, bunch of vendors... 15$ entrance fee and some work shops cost more or have limited capacity, but even just the door fee includes plenty of opportunities to taste nice things and learn cool things and a tasting cup to boot.

Yo, I'm looking at the program for this and it looks legit as hell. Brewing technique workshops, artisan tea tastings, tea growing, bunch of vendors... Let's go to this!

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@rrix I’m glad you like that green oolong.

It’s probably not the firing that causes the browning of the leaf edges, thoughβ€”more likely it’s the intentional bruising of the leaves during the wither:

okay bitcoin is bad but can people collectively stop being like "anything that smells of cryptocurrency at fucking all is automatically bad & i hate it reflexively"

Shout out to everyone in retail and service jobs in the US stuck working on Labor day. Y'all deserve better.

I do so love this green oolong . I love how the edges of the leaves are so slightly browned from the firing. It takes vegetal and warm and it’s just what I need to watch the sun rise while sitting in the park. Yesterday I went to bed at 18 because I had a migraine and now I’m here.

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