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i feel so far out of my element doing security design work, it's not even funny.

this is still the funniest Work Thing i see on a regular occurance

@molly0xfff i'm sleeping like 4 hours a night and waking up multiple times a night with my nose running and my eyes burning :(

the only thing i hate more than graphviz node placement is every other diagramming tool

my pilot g2s don't work as well as the last one done on V5, the ball doesn't roll so smoothly. it lends a really nice physicality

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did some plotter work today after getting vsketch working in NixOS. trying to write a decent "brush stroke" outline function

took a lot more tape than I expected to keep the fan from sucking air in around its edges, maybe an inch or so of the blades are covered. gonna run it in my bedroom for a few hours on high before I go to bed and keep it on while I sleep.


going over the fafe jump in the fog has to be an absolutely harrowing experience, jeez

taking Yung Marrakesh out on the Fern Ridge path in Eugene OR to clear out the head. the only clouds out are the ones on the cap @mastobikes

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