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still cannot believe I'm going from a Zen retreat one week to Vegas the next. lmao.

headed to the forest for zen meditation retreat shortly. see y'all wednesday

Bit of work to expose Atom feeds for my site in the HTML <head> -- there are easter eggs like feeds for my pages of shitposts/dumb ideas done dirt cheap feeds for the six weirdos in the entire world who would auto-discover my site feeds

i really want a python functools that will only hash the hashable types, so that I can do dumb things like memoize sqlalchemy queries...

tfw the sql works in sqlite console but not fed into sqlite via a bash heredoc

quick work to get backlight working again, but no sound mod yet, didnt feel like breaking out the dremel and sanding paper

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need to solder the backlight cables back on so that the LCD is visible, and install a pro-sound mod, but this is pretty cute.

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received some official business from the state of California

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