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funselektor has tee-shirt merch and i had to pick up the Treeline one.

sad there's no denktuch (roughly: thinking hat?) brand merch, or 玉ねぎ (spring onion/green onion) though. I think the fake motorsport brands they designed are all really great though. i adore this quirky little game.

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if i end up living out of a van it'd be called the One Chance Encounter and i'd sell tea out of it in parks and events

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Thread of some of my favorite Art of Rally photos, my favorite vidya game by an indie dev team whose lead lives out of a sprinter van

Shaggy unlocked the ultra instinct by living in a van with his dog and friends for years, what have you done to achieve enlightenment today?

I used to be a devops thought leader

I used to program with 2 ergodoxen

Now I don't think OR program

Set up tailscale on your phone and a pi just so that you can point MagicDNS at the pi and have ad/tracker blocking on your phone 24/7

i used to be a free software maximalist but now the best i can do is "hey smell this" --

i used to be a technoptimist but now i have complex-PTSD.

i used to be nonspiritual but now i'm dispirited.

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i'm rrix, i rapidly oscillate between too-much-computer hobbyism and hating every aspect of computing and networked society. my programming passion project is a set of self-hosting emacs org-mode documents which constitute a personal knowledge base + flashcard system, a NixOS+Emacs OS ( and a website engine ( which is self-hosted. eventually i would like to host an ActivityPub instance and RSS feed exposing my journal and maybe you can follow me that way some day.
i work part time on data rights projects and ride my bike around when i'm not. i learned about the darkest sides of the VC tech grift so that you don't have to.
embrace queerness, embrace intersectionality, embrace the beautiful complexity of a world that cannot make sense.

i live tweet Hackers (1995) and Ghost in the Shell (1995) too often, sorry.

bad energy hidden behind [nothing] content warning, it's your problem if you follow me and click in to those.

No narcs. "DELETE Act would allow people to delete all their data and info across all websites, not just one at a time"

Some folks in congress are trying to create a "do not call"-style registry empowered to insert itself as a bottle-neck in any data broker activity by creating a database of hashed PII attributes which these companies would be required to query before data processing activities, or risk being charged with "unfair or deceptive business practices".

It is a simple, elegant solution that "only" relies on the federal government being able to fund and operate a service at web scale and not fuck up storing hashed identifiers... i am ... pessimistic, cautiously pessimistic? in general i am pessimistic on Lina Khan's FTC even if it is ideologically quite in line with the sort of governance i am interested in seeing.

Two bedroom apartment and one rrix means they get a and reading room :3

last night i found a RimWorld mod called PokéWorld which adds gen 1-4 pokemon to rimworld, and also pokemon combat, pokeballs, fossils, legendary missions, etc.

theres no fainting in the Rim(real)World, so its really something to see your pokemon and people get one-hit melee killed by a Pincer or psychic merced by a wild Kadabra. really disconcerting to fire on mad skipblooms or wurmple or whatever with automatic turrets or sniper rifles. the combat has to be more or less done in short pause bursts for positioning and whatnot since the attack AI doesnt order the pokemon so well, but your level 15 animal-training pacifist can finally fight back. butchering a pokemon the first time had an incredibly uncomfortable feel to it but the leather seems nice.

legends of arceus doesnt have anything on a brutal base-building pokemon game. even in peaceful play, running a little pokemon bed and breakfast at the edge of the galaxy is a lot of fun.

A neat thing that my Arroyo Systems programming can do is that you can generate configuration files dynamically from tables like so.

This is Arroyo in a nutshell: literate programming the program that configures linux on my computers

obukucha is a new year "good luck" with kelp and dried plums. i can say this week is stilo the new year period, right? 😉 im gonna need the help.

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