for a good time this afternoon: consider how many copies of zlib or sqlite3 are running or residing in RAM within the room you're in

i want my free software project to get so big that rob pike demands to see my drivers license

@maya I watched the first season of this and honestly thought it was good, but my roommates aren’t interested in it. Some day I want to watch it, still!

New in my "code compost" bin: in 2015 i threw together a simple silly demo of a webring backed by @matrix rooms, Matrix rooms can store non-linearized "state events" attached to a room & replicated to every server, effectively a distributed key-value store

This idea is conceptually similar to how Matrix plans to decentralize and democratize moderation policies and reputation lists

MSC2313 proposes a semantic for encoding policies as state events which can be replicated/user-service'd

When I was doing 5-10 interviews a week at my last job, we spent a lot of time thinking about interview questions. Once i jokingly proposed that junior engineers should design a webring service and senior engineers should design a webring without a central store. I never used it in an interview, but took the inspiration and presented this implementation.

anyone interested in helping me figure out how to trigger gboard's emoji keyboard to appear via android intents or something that i can trigger programmatically? i dont know enough about android ipc to know how to pull it off i guess.

the default software kb on the Cosmo Communicator lacks a bunch of newer emoji and so i'd rather use gboard or something for them instead, but the only physical key which that can be bound to in the app settings is the "alt" key .... which is used by the Cosmo to open an "app bar" launcher, and so hitting alt shows and then immediately obscures the emoji keyboard; this also fucks with termux sometimes. :arthurfist:

basically, i'm hoping i can use Tasker or something to put a button on my phone to show a fully updated emoji kb with icon search.

the flower form of the plant, only one flower between my two young plants and so late in the year!

and from the one what which had an illness earlier this year we had to fight and whose scars still show on the leaves. rooting for you!

a ; looking forward to the rest of the talks today, enjoying some hojicha on a gray seattle day.

™️™️™️™️™️ bad idea 

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™️™️™️™️™️ bad idea 

watching matrix reloaded 

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watching matrix reloaded 

i hit an issue on-stream which kept me from implementing a cool demo, I found an emacs org-mode mailing list post from 2010 describing the same issue: it struggles to find my prompt to know when output is finished. a brief overview of literate programming and the CCE, then setting up the universal aggregator bit of post-hoc wind down where i brew some tea and talk about conscientious tech and mutual aide.

This coloring page from was going great until it was time to draw the lines! Program crashed and didn't write a checkpoint to restart at, got the origin off a bit.

animated gif 

back to the niu mini with mx clears... this keyboard is really enjoyable to type on still. the keycaps also match my nail polish

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