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there is no cloud, just someone else's on-prem

@hierarchon It radically changes the scope of the cat-and-mouse game at the very least.

To be clear: DNS over HTTPS allows privacy violating libraries to side-step the host APIs for domain resolution and implement it themselves, with their own servers. Users using DoH to escape censorship regimes or ISP nuttery is something we *should* solve for, but not at the cost of user agency.

@hierarchon Ad vendors don't have to use the host DNS APIs for resolution if it's over HTTPS. DoH will allow software to side-step users' DNS preferences entirely.

Fundamentally, I believe that users should be able but not required to control traffic that enters and leaves their devices. This should be a fundamental right every person with a connected device should be allowed to excercise.

Corporate interests that increasingly have the loudest voice in these discussions don't seem to hold that view, and the long term prospects of internet users' safety and autonomy are increasingly worrying me


My take on DoH is that it will end up being used in a user-hostile to prevent DNS-based ad/tracker blocking solutions like pihole. With DNS over 53/UDP, DNS based ad-blocking solutions are a trivial firewall rule that can be made even on consumer routers.

With DNS over TLS, it's only a matter of time until adtech vendors and other privacy-invading beacons are using DoH/DoT to prevent users from inspecting & blocking these beacons through certificate pinning + traffic obfuscation.

I just realized if I ever replace the guts of my Planck with a rev3 board I'll 1) have constructed a Ship of Theseus and 2) have kept the old parts around to reassemble the original and give it to some poor soul to infect them and continue the breeding program

How much bandwidth is spent in a year sending the text "(KHTML, like gecko)" over the internet

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