I didn't even go outside yesterday how do i lose my wallet like this

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took four hours to get out of bed and this is my punishment

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it would be nice if it didn't start raining right when I put my shoes on to go get lunch

RIP greasemonkey? blog.mozilla.org/addons/2022/0

> We are blocking unsafe coding practices and are offering more secure alternatives to improve the base security of extensions: string-based code execution has been removed from extension APIs

@xor I have been quite happy with a onyx boox e-reader with koreader installed via side loaded fdroid. it can also have Libby side loaded or through the onyx "app store" (where it's mostly just old APKs they "optimized" for the ePaper display)
I also have a kobo aura which I just use to buy ebooks from their store and strip the DRM from in calibre 😅 koreader was originally built to run on that hardware I think

taking Yung Marrakesh out on the Fern Ridge path in Eugene OR to clear out the head. the only clouds out are the ones on the cap @mastobikes


1984, man? yeah right, that was a typo. Orwell's here and living large. we have no names, man. no names. we are nameless.

[your pii was redacted to protect your privacy!]

@jorsk I'm all about find because I can never find my files

@viv I called my Thinkpad with 4gb of soldered in ram the stinkpad because opening more than four browser tabs stunk

how's a kid who got the Links Awakening cart open box at a swap gonna know what the fuck a Stalfos or Pols Voice is? that mother fucker knew about the screen hop glitch though!!

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for nearly a decade I thought goponga swamp on my OG LA cart was broken because I couldn't figure out how to get the boss key and the beak hint was awful. looked up a guide when I got stuck in the same spot on 3ds virtual console and was SOOooo angry.
coming back to the switch version I almost needed help on face shrine and the trade game and turtle rock (that damn hidden crystal!) but every one of these is so clever. the Eagle Tower collapsing dungeon is so good!

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The Endless Fantasy was FUN while it lasted, but it's still Fun.

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