@djsundog I’d love to steal your design when you’re closer to good. I never had a real great wya of decking an ergodox. I did one five years back or so that I’ll have to dredge up

@diginaut Close enough, yeah. As long as I don't get dumped to firstboot when I don't have network connection.

@diginaut I ended up figuring out that the chromebook in general can’t be trusted in its current state (including a Chromium upstream source bug) but I also figured out how to safely power cycle it and moved my 2FA off of a thing that requires a second device

@bea take your time and enjoy it at a comfortable pace then? :) It's not going anywhere

@bea uhmmmm it's pretty good i think but also there are four parts of futura free so maybe not? unless you want to get sucked in to the whole dang thing

@aurynn in like super striking colors, too. deep purple macbook. sun red chromebook. ping chromebook stylus

What if I got really in to anodizing and anodized all of the aluminum gadgets I own

Maybe this evening I shall build a ..... RX-79 Blue Destiny or Crossbones X1 or something else entirely

@technomancy did jorts somehow escape this humor drain?

Science has yet to find out for sure

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Each Gundam universe has its own backronym for GUNDAM and I think that's beautiful.

Hell yeah I like GUNDAM:

- General
- Unilateral
- Neuro-link
- Dispersive
- Autonomic
- Maneuver

Hell yeah I like GUNDAM:

- Gamma
- UNificational
- Dimalium
- Amalgam
- Mobile-suit

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