wrapped my bike bars myself 😍 tried moving my bike bag to behind the saddle but it'll probably go back on my bars, but I love the full photoreflective, it's going to be great for night riding.

good morning to everyone except the person who connected to my Bluetooth speaker at 7am and started playing twangy country music

consult-buffer can be configured easily with new sources of buffers. org-roam is basically a new source of buffers. this allows you to always have your org-roam at hand.


with the configuration on that page, the "priority" is (existing buffer name, file name, org-roam title) and the load is quite quick as you can see. my fingers are crackling with power, especially if I figure out how to get previews to work >:)

@gnomon @kensanata here's mine dev.arcology.garden/lionsrear/

it's interesting that your 2nd and 3rd infusions are shorter; i usually cool the water a bit more as infusions run along which I guess has a similar effect, but I will be sure to contrast this the next time I'm in front of my kyusu :) thanks for sharing

@babelcarp stainless steel; the first toot has it in the left side of the tea tray

Ghost in the Shell 

Been thinking about ghost in the shell 1995 again lately. Had an interesting reading of the last watch, that 2501 could be a (perhaps subconscious) manifestation of Kusanagi’s desire to have a separate identity from what Section 9 forces on her. Why wouldn’t she be able to manifest a fresh ghost in her timeless wandering through the net? Introduce a bug in to Section 6’s subversive programs that would grow a ghost on an inevitable course back towards her while her own ghost also whispers her towards 2501 to eventually merge to form a truly new identity apart from the limits of her owned “flesh”

gotta say: this mesh strainer is a game changer for my tea

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Some tamago kake gohan and leftover salmon to go with it for breakfast but the tea is holding it’s own against such strong flavors.

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@publicvoit this is the main reason I still use a graphical file mangler :/ Dolphin has “automatically detect subfolder” in the right click menu of any archive file it can open

while I have the CCE on the operating table I intend to do some work splitting the core API and helpers out in to their own module which could be shared on GitHub or so -- it's time to share this system and set of processes, but I aim to draw some pretty clear lines around the part that are "my" system, and the core elements composing it, and to re-assess the values that got the system to its current state.

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This sort of "document collection as application" system interests me and is pulling at the same corners of the proverbial sheet as I am with my cce config generator and arcology site engine, org-roam really changed up the game by giving people easy access and inspiration in a sqlite3 database

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Tonight I stumbled on vino, a cool hypermedia application which uses metadata stored in org-mode documents to draw reports and insights on one's wine collection. I'm interested in adapting this idea to my drinking ...


Today I am writing awful lisp to make a few small evil-mode minor-modes for my few X11 applications. experiments in modal interfaces following successful experiments with github.com/walseb/exwm-firefox


The local tea cafe sold me a kabusecha and told me it’s one of the best green teas I could get my hands on. I told the seller I might call his bluff. I might. Can you tell the difference just by looking at these two shaded senchas? Surely you can taste it if you look hard enough.

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