Bog Data is like Big Data but your foot falls in to it and it eats your shoe when you try to use it

I always get confused because yarn is a Hadoop technology first in my brain. Stupid big data tech :(




dbz kakarot, early cutscene screenshots 

how bad of an idea is it to put a pressure-screw mounted dual-monitor arm on my shitty pressboard IKEA table-turned-desk?


so far the general consensus is "no but people might still be shitty" which is probably the worst combo

Seattle event 



Had to wire some money. 90% of these were silent for four seconds before hanging up. the others were out of date by the time they rang.

hey honest question: is going to disneyworld by myself weird? like, let's say I was gonna be in Orlando and i could spend an extra day

The Lake Washington Ship Canal Fish Ladder

Dedicated to the perpetuation and enhancement of anadromous fish runs of the lake washington watershed.

constructed 4 july 1917 - rehabilitated 1 june 1976

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Kernel Raymond J Eineigl - Seattle District Engineer
Maj Gen Wesley E Peel - North Pacific Division Engineer

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