Some of these photos from Nature Conservancy's photo contest are incredible, enchanting, beautiful. love the yunnan farmers. love the cheetahs.

I'm gonna end up with a god complex if I keep narrowly avoiding injury on my bike... @mastobikes

programming my viruses to all say HELP ME when you kill them

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standing in my spinning phone book waiting for a find | grep to run

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the should have looked like the laptop that Mr The Plague sends to Crash.

Enjoy the laptop, Cool!

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you're in the butter zone now baby

leopard boy... and the deceptions! what a scene

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"America First"

for a while I didn't understand Acid as a character because I thought she was pissed that Crash interrupted the racist man show

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@hypolite the "single user server admin" isn't really who i was targeting in that post, i guess. you're not shouting thoughtless shitposts on to a shared local TL.

earthnoids fear him, spacenoids want him, newtypes want to *be him* , the plamo cup noodle

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Ghost in the Bourne shell's choices:


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