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Two bedroom apartment and one rrix means they get a and reading room :3

obukucha is a new year "good luck" with kelp and dried plums. i can say this week is stilo the new year period, right? 😉 im gonna need the help.

still not sure if I like sheng puer but I keep drinking it

The other I am drinking today, I'm not sure i like this one... "butter pecan oolong" from loose leaf tea market is flavored with cinnamon, licorice root, calendula and "organic butter pecan flavor" --- ahh, well, i was hoping for more of a jin xuan subtleness. This would be a fine evening herbal, but it feels disrespectful to whatever generic "oolong" they've paired it with.

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Starting out the year with in the morning while i cleaned my room. still need to vacuum but I think I'll spend some time properly brewing this year and honing the axe a bit.

Some of these photos from Nature Conservancy's photo contest are incredible, enchanting, beautiful. love the yunnan farmers. love the cheetahs.

Tonight I stumbled on vino, a cool hypermedia application which uses metadata stored in org-mode documents to draw reports and insights on one's wine collection. I'm interested in adapting this idea to my drinking ...


Spring Japanese harvest came in today. Spring sencha is such a joy! Looking most forward to trying the “first nightmare” white tea processed from tea buds which suffered an overnight frost in April, and the intern black tea. In the meantime, sipping color in to my life with a shaded sencha. ☺️
I think I will have quite enough green tea to get through to next year or at least fall harvest ;)

today i'm brewing a new puerh , my first bing from the local lovelies at floating leaves

i'm ... still not sold on puerh i guess. i like it enough and it's complex and interesting but i am getting soo much enjoyment and growth out of oolongs and japanese green teas that it feels silly to dilute myself further exploring deeply. this is nice after half a dozen infusions though, i could see this getting me through quite a long morning in a way that my other teas simply can't.

the flower form of the plant, only one flower between my two young plants and so late in the year!

and from the one what which had an illness earlier this year we had to fight and whose scars still show on the leaves. rooting for you!


Bi Lou Chun, today! This Chinese green is made from the very first buds, sweet and grassy, though the second infusion was overbrewed to astringent.

My mouth is watering 🤤

nothing, tea, masculine talking 

Hitting the Sleepytime twice in one night, dude?? Slamming the sauce, bro? You leaving the jam out again tonight, my guy? You straight making a muffin and jam, you mad lad? You falling asleep with a book in your hand, you absolute beast mode sailor??

plants, indoors, in plastic pots 

I just received delivery of two plants!!! In a few years maybe I'll make some awful green tea for my friends.

(i got them from


Last brew of this High Mountain Oolong . Lightly oxidized, very lightly roasted. Smooth and easy to drink, lovely. Good through five infusions, Gong Fu style with the last 8g of leaves. Tight balls unfurling.


Today's practice: Kyoto Obubu's , a partially shaded Sencha, two infusions, along with an article looking at Gong Fu tea style through an orchestra metaphor from Eighty° magazine, a beautiful quarterly on tea

Every day is a struggle to brew a better Sencha, and today's was good. I've been brewing at 175F out-of-spigot, tomorrow is 195F out-of-spigot, to try to get closer to 80° in pot. Today's brew was too astringent and still not taking the color I'd like to see from kabusecha.


My new owl friend is going to be my oolong teapot! clay absorbs the tannins from the they're brewed with, so over time the tea becomes more flavorful. I have another Yixing that has been my pot for puerh and oolong, they'll be separated now. Can't wait to brew with it!

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