Guess this iPhone isn’t an β€œoutside the house” phone any more... 78% max charge and a 50% drain in two hours. Guess I can get the battery replaced.

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- contaminants from estimating sediments, a big driver is flame retardants.
- fish leaving estuaries earlier, the more developed the rivers the fewer survive from the early batch. Having them stay longer is not better when the river is a super fund site like the Duwamush
- zooplankton diets have changed from largely fish remains to crab larvae amphipods, etc

Learning about salmon recovery over lunch at work today. Local group called Long Live the Kings

in case you're curious how that F1 race ended and why i'm mad at race car, here's P3, P2, P1


> What gives you the impression that Org-mode is complicated?

I started reading the manual once.

Yesterday's fun project was some Fennel code running on a nodemcu to expose my plants' moisture level as prometheus-compatible output. Going to monitor a month or two of water cycles before I put the nodemcu in a case with an RGB LED and an RTC to tell me when i should water.

this pictures for sad children is me on monday after spending a weekend browsing emacs packages on github

If anyone wants to play Forza Horizon 4 with me my Microsoft(r) Gamer Tag(tM) powered by Cortana is

xXx VIN 69 xXx

Yesterday I rode a bike down to West Point Lighthouse at the far edge of 's Discovery Park. Poured myself a few cups of Japanese black and hiked out.

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