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Back to the old grind.

Hecking with my Emacs configuration, and made this netart.


The official wikipedia android app is really quite nice. The internal browser even has tabbing support. History, wikipedia.org front page features, offline reading lists, the ability to look at pages that are attached to nearby GPS locations...

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"Social Media's granddad"

Greene wrote: "Hatlo's genius was to realize, before there was any such thing as an Internet or Facebook or Twitter, that people in every corner of the country were brimming with seemingly small observations about mundane yet captivating matters, yet lacked a way to tell anyone outside their own circles of friends about it."



Its not exactly fair but every single time a flight out of SFO is delayed I always blame SFO. Do not like this airport at all.


Did a hecken for team building at work today?? They had us paint the bad bridge and I learned that I still have no sense of perspective.


But what does the back look like? How does it stay on the dog.


Gmorn. Playmaker updated some play store apps overnight. 🙏