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convincing the local cafe to put the flashbulb on the speakers and then walking out ;)

quick work to get backlight working again, but no sound mod yet, didnt feel like breaking out the dremel and sanding paper

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received some official business from the state of California

picture of minor abrasions 

got a bit too far in to the uhhh racer's mindset and had my first significant biff on my touring bike Marra. five minutes and five seconds after "just try to take the apex a bit more aggresively" and five minutes after finding my bike wash out from under me.

got lucky with only some abrasions and surely a bruised knee tomorrow. limit testing this thing like its a roadie isnt smart.

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fml my sleep schedule again it's 2am and i'm trapped in photo mode, hoisted by my own pitard. dune!!!

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working on a new livery inspired by the Apple-sponsored Porsche 935 k3

probably would've been better to do this on the 911-alike but das whip is too big, too fast, too strong

food picture, vegetarian 

japacurry beans japacurry beans

I implemented a "sitemap" of sorts within my small network of sites. What I found was a memory of land I had "walked" among for years, an uncanny geography mapping my mental understanding of site-as-place. This is mostly because I have a ton of pages which I published and have not linked to or updated since the last time I had a site with this sort of ForceAtlas2 "map".

this is still the funniest Work Thing i see on a regular occurance

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