in case you're curious how that F1 race ended and why i'm mad at race car, here's P3, P2, P1


> What gives you the impression that Org-mode is complicated?

I started reading the manual once.

Yesterday's fun project was some Fennel code running on a nodemcu to expose my plants' moisture level as prometheus-compatible output. Going to monitor a month or two of water cycles before I put the nodemcu in a case with an RGB LED and an RTC to tell me when i should water.

this pictures for sad children is me on monday after spending a weekend browsing emacs packages on github

If anyone wants to play Forza Horizon 4 with me my Microsoft(r) Gamer Tag(tM) powered by Cortana is

xXx VIN 69 xXx

Yesterday I rode a bike down to West Point Lighthouse at the far edge of 's Discovery Park. Poured myself a few cups of Japanese black and hiked out.

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