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The first-user experience is fine enough but does not offer to change the default passwords -- you're advised in the quick start guide to change your passcode but this does not change the default 123456 passphrase which unlocks LUKS full disk encryption.

To do so, you have to be sure to go to the Disks application, clicking in particular the Partition 2: 31GB LUKS, then the little gears below it, and then clicking Change Passphrase......


like all Linux devices, power management leaves ... much to be desired.

It's too bad they crammed a 4500mAh battery in this thing and made it so thick, there's no way i'm also carrying around a USB-C powerbank with it. At least if it was 3000mAh and weight 3/4 as much, closer to the PinePhone I could carry it tethered to a powerbank, but lmao jeez.

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