(freelance) job listings 

the consumer data rights lab i've been working with has two roles open that would be a great opportunity for software developers looking to work on data rights, privacy, and actually "moving the needle" in real-world ways in a non-profit.

- R&D program support for a CCPA "authorized agent" application launch digital-lab.consumerreports.or
- django backend + iOS development for said application launch: digital-lab.consumerreports.or

I've been working with the CR Digital Lab for about a year now, and i've been soooo impressed by the smart minds, smart ideas, smart goals that the organization brings in to the same space.

if you have any questions about the lab or the roles, i'd be happy to talk more about it.

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(freelance) job listings 

@rrix thank you so much for sharing this! I'm gonna see if there is anything that fits my skill set! 🙌🏽

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