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Starting out the year with in the morning while i cleaned my room. still need to vacuum but I think I'll spend some time properly brewing this year and honing the axe a bit.

The other I am drinking today, I'm not sure i like this one... "butter pecan oolong" from loose leaf tea market is flavored with cinnamon, licorice root, calendula and "organic butter pecan flavor" --- ahh, well, i was hoping for more of a jin xuan subtleness. This would be a fine evening herbal, but it feels disrespectful to whatever generic "oolong" they've paired it with.

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it's interesting that i've got to the point in my tea brewing that simply saying "oolong tea" should be more of a red flag than it was this time -- i missed the ingredients on the label and have trusted this little phoenix tea shop too much perhaps.

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