today's computer crimes, cursed, longish 

so, i have this GPD Pocket 2 acting as a nice little NixOS mule, but when I ssh from my Thinkpad to the GPD over my local wifi, both of them fall off the network until i sleep the GPD. (??)

i spent all afternoon locked in combat with this shit, and by god, it hit me that i fell in to this exact same tarpit the *last* time i was doing linux crimes! for some reason SSHing over my LAN between these two specific machines causes them both to no longer be able to communicate with anything until the GPD is shut.

it hit me like a pile of bricks when i finally saw wpa supplicant was emitting logs like "ctrl beacon event failed", then having network returning to my thinkpad the split second the gpd shut left me briefly speechless. then i remembered the last time this happened, HTTP worked over the LAN but SSH would crater the wifi. some day ill write a fable for my progeny. until then i am gonna scavenge an ether-based networking solution tomorrow, i guess.

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