lately i have been setting up home-manager stuff on my Fedora install as a sort-of half-way to consider slowly migrating to NixOS via [1], a barely-functioning home.nix generator which can work across my org-roam KB the same way my ansible automation does but "better".

But now, the applications inside of home-manager think my timezone is 0-offset, and i have no idea why. Emacs current-time-zone reports (0 "America), date unhappy, etc; Do I just need to "bite the bullet" and convert more of my system or is there some configuration trick I've missed? NixOS has time.timeZone but not home-manager ...



I have as well been working on implementing a NixOS "justdoit" script which creates a file which when executed reboots a computer in to a partitioning script and then in to a barebones nixos distribution, which could then be further bootstrapped in to a working system with the rest of my automation -- or the full working system could be embedded in the installer image.

I nearly have it booting in Gnome BOXES after a criminally upsetting time trying various combinations of {fedora packages, flatpak, home-manager}/{gnome boxes, virt-manager, qemu_system_x86-64,virsh}/{fedora,ubuntu,nixos-installer} and dealing with all sorts of absurd issues to get the thing to actually kexec, which was very frustrating. now i'm just stuck with a GNOME Box which doesn't get past the initial BIOS.

i'm glad i wasn't trying to do any of this stuff live on a dev stream, it would have been boring and unflattering.

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