today i'm brewing a new puerh , my first bing from the local lovelies at floating leaves

i'm ... still not sold on puerh i guess. i like it enough and it's complex and interesting but i am getting soo much enjoyment and growth out of oolongs and japanese green teas that it feels silly to dilute myself further exploring deeply. this is nice after half a dozen infusions though, i could see this getting me through quite a long morning in a way that my other teas simply can't.

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@rrix among the many reasons I love pu-erh is the fact that you can oversteep it and it won't be oversteeped.

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@rrix Puerh teas are so nice for re-steeping! Their flavor lasts practically forever! But there really is something about oolongs and greens. It's nice to have a variety at your disposal 😊

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