Learning about salmon recovery over lunch at work today. Local group called Long Live the Kings


Salmon used to be diverse, more plentiful and much larger. Salmon runs are important to the ecosystem and the environment and the economy bringing oceanic resources up in to inland and mountain watersheds.

Fishing has declined but numbers have not recovered!

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- contaminants from estimating sediments, a big driver is flame retardants.
- fish leaving estuaries earlier, the more developed the rivers the fewer survive from the early batch. Having them stay longer is not better when the river is a super fund site like the Duwamush
- zooplankton diets have changed from largely fish remains to crab larvae amphipods, etc


- increased seal predation. LLTK partners tagging fish with RFID and tie that to seals with sensor "beanies" to track seal

Harbor seals eating nearly 8x as many chinook in Strait of Georgia as in 1970! Double resident killer whales and 6x fishing rates!
Harbor seals are consuming smaller fish, looking at biomass numbers hides raw counts.

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Solutions in plan and flight:
Reintroducing more diversity to hatchery programs, spreading release, etc, to keep harbor seals from having a feast.
Rebuilding forage fish habitats and populations (herring etc)
Redesign lock filling chambers to not be a "salmon blender" at cedar river, rebuild fish passages and ladders. Restoring shore lines. Hood Canal floating bridge is A Problem.
Marine Survival Project with Paul Allen's philanthropy org Vulcan.

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MSP collecting data towards education (survivethesound.org) and working towards solutions at hood canal.

Great time. LLTK & Jacques White

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