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rrix 🍕🌎 @rrix

I think I might set up a personal pleroma instance and move my follows there. I don't use the local TL here at all any more.

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@iliana I sort of want to do some fucked up IDN for it but idk if .fail allows IDN offhand

@rrix I mean mastodon doesn't allow any IDNs because ????

@iliana "because gargron" I believe is the prevailing wisdom this week

@rrix @iliana Ooh, well it’s not really that it _doesn’t_ support IDN, more like it doesn’t displays the unicode version. (which is understandable given the number of homoglyhs in unicode, but makes it a nightmare to read…)

@lanodan @rrix IMO that's not supporting IDN

IDN's purpose is to make non-ASCII languages more accessible

showing punycode does not an accessible make