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More people need to love and respect Bobby Hill

What if we put Luigi's head on top of Yoshi's body! Show more

GNU's Not Unix Image Manipulation Program Tool kit 3

What if we put Garfield's head on top of Dr. Robotnik's body! Show more

I'm at a gameworks watching a tournament of smasssssh

Running bdist_wheel for lxml: started
Running bdist_wheel for lxml: still running...

Well, back to work. γ—γ‹γŸγŒγͺい

Some day I'll be able to buy a handheld 7" display that just has a type-c connector and does Power Delivery and Displayport and some type-A breakouts.

I desire it

The Marriott Rewards terms of service definitely needs microphone access.......

Announcement: We're moving! Not physically, of course, this is always happening in Seattle, though our choice of venue may change as our group size does. No, this move is virtual, between mastodon instances.

So! For future meetup news, please go follow @theseattlemeetup . The migration will be slow and gentle, and I'll make sure not to leave anyone behind, but please pass around links to that account in the future instead of this one. Thanks!

Hey all! I really haven’t had time to upkeep Tusk since starting my new job. So I’ve re-upped the TestFlight build and open-sourced the code:

If any of you want to be deputized to review PRs, let me know!

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RX-69 πŸ• Gundam's choices:


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