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i'm rrix, i rapidly oscillate between too-much-computer hobbyism and hating every aspect of computing and networked society. my programming passion project is a set of self-hosting emacs org-mode documents which constitute a personal knowledge base + flashcard system, a NixOS+Emacs OS ( and a website engine ( which is self-hosted. eventually i would like to host an ActivityPub instance and RSS feed exposing my journal and maybe you can follow me that way some day.
i work part time on data rights projects and ride my bike around when i'm not. i learned about the darkest sides of the VC tech grift so that you don't have to.
embrace queerness, embrace intersectionality, embrace the beautiful complexity of a world that cannot make sense.

i live tweet Hackers (1995) and Ghost in the Shell (1995) too often, sorry.

bad energy hidden behind [nothing] content warning, it's your problem if you follow me and click in to those.

No narcs.

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Hey, thanks for stopping by my profile page. If you like the content your see here, consider subscribing to receive exclusive private content by hitting the Follow button. No narcs! Have a good day.

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rms as a hypebeast 

low key losing my shit over this latest SUPREME collab

(this is a joke)

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fucked up that you can fry garlic in butter and make pasta sauce outta *that*

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fucked up imo that you can just make pasta sauce outta butter

took a lot more tape than I expected to keep the fan from sucking air in around its edges, maybe an inch or so of the blades are covered. gonna run it in my bedroom for a few hours on high before I go to bed and keep it on while I sleep.

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built a corsi rosenthal box. maybe it will let me sleep tonight without waking up at 2am sneezing and itchy-eyed. loratadine sure isn't cutting it.

is shell scripting good or bad, the most contentious thread on hell-labs closed after 12584 pages of `find' discourse

Okay I hacked together Atom feeds using Pandoc tonight and now I can have site updates feeds and maybe a personal microblog feed.


going over the fafe jump in the fog has to be an absolutely harrowing experience, jeez

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WRC+ as a product is pretty awful a lot of the time, but the weekend highlight reels are really good, i wish they'd time-delay release these on youtube. lots of interviews/look-backs with previous WRC champions this week to mark the 50 year anniversary of the series. cool stuff, even considering the spanish far-right contingent present.

rally portugal is a hell of an event

I didn't even go outside yesterday how do i lose my wallet like this

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took four hours to get out of bed and this is my punishment

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it would be nice if it didn't start raining right when I put my shoes on to go get lunch

RIP greasemonkey?

> We are blocking unsafe coding practices and are offering more secure alternatives to improve the base security of extensions: string-based code execution has been removed from extension APIs

taking Yung Marrakesh out on the Fern Ridge path in Eugene OR to clear out the head. the only clouds out are the ones on the cap @mastobikes

1984, man? yeah right, that was a typo. Orwell's here and living large. we have no names, man. no names. we are nameless.

[your pii was redacted to protect your privacy!]

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