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i'm rrix, i rapidly oscillate between too-much-computer hobbyism and hating every aspect of computing and networked society. my programming passion project is a set of self-hosting emacs org-mode documents which constitute a personal knowledge base + flashcard system, a NixOS+Emacs OS ( and a website engine ( which is self-hosted. eventually i would like to host an ActivityPub instance and RSS feed exposing my journal and maybe you can follow me that way some day.
i work part time on data rights projects and ride my bike around when i'm not. i learned about the darkest sides of the VC tech grift so that you don't have to.
embrace queerness, embrace intersectionality, embrace the beautiful complexity of a world that cannot make sense.

i live tweet Hackers (1995) and Ghost in the Shell (1995) too often, sorry.

bad energy hidden behind [nothing] content warning, it's your problem if you follow me and click in to those.

No narcs.

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Hey, thanks for stopping by my profile page. If you like the content your see here, consider subscribing to receive exclusive private content by hitting the Follow button. No narcs! Have a good day.

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rms as a hypebeast 

low key losing my shit over this latest SUPREME collab

(this is a joke)

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Macaframa, a 2009 skate-video from a group of folks riding fixed-gear track bikes around San Francisco is up on youtube these days. check it out. really cool to see the city back then and these crazy mofos bombing down nob hill and up twin peaks.

comic w/ twitter link 

i only look at this font and this face all day long, how would i know?

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this serves as a minimal setup for getting my org-fc setup to work on Nix-on-Droid too, eventually, i think.

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i just wrote a shell script inside of an elisp function inside of an org mode link. fear me

[[elisp:(compile "seq 0 1 | while read n; do echo "use</home/rrix/Code/scad/bike-crate.scad> sliced(half=$n);" | openscad -o /home/rrix/Code/scad/bike-crate-$n.stl -; done")]]

not many people can say the founder of soylent stole their mattress

convincing the local cafe to put the flashbulb on the speakers and then walking out ;)

taking down my server to update my postgres database 5 major versions, wish me luck

My very first thought stepping off the plane in Vegas: i have to get the fuck out of here

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set up my DEFCON EAP wifi and got my tailscale exit-node setup working again, woo. weird issue where I can't route to services on my tailscale exit node, but i was able to set up my NAS at home as one to stop-gap instead.

Had to rebuild my NixOS with a new firewall option, too:

# warning: Strict reverse path filtering breaks Tailscale exit node use and some subnet routing setups. Consider setting `networking.firewall.checkReversePath` = 'loose'

it only took me four hours to properly set a version in a python package that some dork had set up to be written by github actions when a tag is auto-published to pypi via automated untrusted CI and get my NixOS system to build again.

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might fuck around and become one of those deaf-mutes

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