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Guess this iPhone isn’t an β€œoutside the house” phone any more... 78% max charge and a 50% drain in two hours. Guess I can get the battery replaced.

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Gonna be in Portland this weekend for the Grand Prix of Portland indycar race! Arriving Saturday afternoon via Amtrak, departing Sunday evening (or maybe monday morning)

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my blog has sane Atom and RSS URLs again, I'm proxy_passing through to @snarfed 's rather than putting the URL in directly.

This RadioLab episode on the right to be forgotten is quite good. I'll probably write some thoughts on my blog later.

[CWs in the podcast: sexual harassment, drug usage, cops, journalism]

Is today the day i try to get to work with my site again

Is there actually a future where the IPv6 dream of "every object on the internet can be connected to directly" and NAT can die actually real?

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