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gnu's not unix image manipulation program tool kit version three

i open my mouth and a torrent of small strips of paper fall out of my mouth, each with a single line of iptables-save output on it

every time i'm like "buh firewalld" someone says "iptables" and i just want to yell :PREROUTING ACCEPT [116644:8750424] at them

Bought some books:
Turning Homeward by Adrienne Ross Scanlan
Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew B. Crawford
Silence In the Age of Noise by Erling Kagge

The day that PagerDuty β€œupdatesβ€œ their app and removes the insane custom ringtones like their SRE singing β€œit’s your duty to take the fall” or a nightmare baby laughing will be the day they’re dead as a product.

Of course

You don’t *have* to do these things, Spacemacs exists like a high quality makerspace full of tools and opinions and craftspeople to sand the edges.

But you can be the craftsperson yourself. That is rare and important in digital tools.

Emacs is more than a tool, it’s a wood shop.

You can’t just buy it and open it up and plug it in and use it.

You clear the space, build shelving and benches. Run electrical lines.

You lay out a shop with care for the direction your work goes, in space and time.

You choose the tools you need and no more.

You sand away the rough edges and adjust layout and loadout by feel as time goes on.

Crafts-grade tools are so hard to come by, especially in software. Emacs is a shop full of them.

If anyone wants to play Forza Horizon 4 with me my Microsoft(r) Gamer Tag(tM) powered by Cortana is

xXx VIN 69 xXx

I played like 4 hours of Forza Horizon today it's really neat. gonna stream a new xcom 2 iron man and some soundscapes.

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