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Made a light salad and a cuppa from Obubu's summer Brightness Sencha. Brewed at 180F, blanched in cold water and then strained. Bit of sesame oil, furikake, and genmai.

Salad is soft and light, but too much sesame. Need some soy sauce instead I think.

The brewed liquor almost tastes like spinach, it lives up to its name. Bright, green, alive. I didn't brew too much of it, since I was hungry, but I've got a lot more to work through.

find myself, on this fine thursday, thinking about Simple Made Easy, a talk by the clojure lead dev Rich Hickey

Mastodon pro: I can't search for stuff to get mad at
Mastodon con: I can't search for stuff to get mad at

I became more powerful than anybody imagined I could. please comment like and subscribe

it's fucked up that my pikachu in lets go can't be voiced by ryan reynolds

"Data is real," Barack Obama said in his inauguration speech earlier. "Data Rights are real. Data Portability is real, and strong, and it is my friend"

Today's evening is a pairing of Obubu's Tsubame Kukicha and some genmai (toasted rice). The tea is the stems and veins of summer harvest tencha, the "left overs" of the tea leaves that are used to make medium grade matcha. Low/no caffeine, sweet, vegetal.

In first flush @ 75C, the genmai powers through in the scent, but the taste is still sweet and fresh. The second flush @ 80C brings out more of the genmai but not at the cost of the kukicha. Darker liquor though.

(tea is )

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