Oop! Gotta update my profile. Gin's conspicuously missing.

I should find one of those frilly new-age shops & raid their incense section. >:|a

Clearly we need a nap.

SOME of us more than others. :|a

Jesus, I step away for a little while & the entire system gets in a huff.

I don't know how I thought we'd ever work like this.

Online me: somewhat quiet, but quite loquacious (sometimes to the point of verbosity) when I've something to discuss.

Offline me: in front of a computer, working on art, sipping herbal teas while alternating between listening to Tori Amos & HIM.

Oh, and barking, meowing, & squeaking to an empty room, singing out of key, randomly flashing my breasts at my partner; generally being a total bisexual menace. ;D

I was so distracted & sleepy, I totally forgot the "music" portion of that little thread a while ago: the other thing that woke me up.


"Infinite Games" by The Black Queen. We weren't aware there was a new TBQ album out, and it hits a lot of the notes I was striving for (in terms of production) with both Honey & Wormwood AND Visions of Wisteria.

Simultaneously inspiring & infuriating. >:|a ...it's great, though, if you're into chunky DX7 basslines & 80s-style drum production.

I'm the one with the most synth-programming knowledge, and also the most magick-inclined one.

I'm not sure if those two things are related.

I USED to be the one with the strongest branding game, but it looks like Rose is catching up to me fast. I'm simultaneously proud and envious. ;D

Sharing is a new experience for me, I've been used to just charging ahead & pushing everyone out of the driver's seat because I thought for sure I knew better.

I was so arrogant.

(I AM good at some things the others aren't, though. ;> )

@skolli I'm just going to be over here in the corner, occasionally making weird noises with my mouth.

I live! I'm not plotting a brain-coup this time, though. It never works out in my favor. >:|a


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