i feel terrible about it but i'm so relieved that my next contra dance is going to be back on the east coast 😳

i spend a few days not on mastodon and what the fuck happened while i was gone, can i ever successfully reintegrate

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one of my actors described my music in rehearsal today as "pretty but mean" and honestly like put that on my grave

hey @nolan any chance we can get :sadglasses: up on toot.cafe it's severely hampering my feelings about PHP not to have it there

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hot take clippy is bad in msword *and* on the web

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heyyyy we're [@goodgoodwork is] looking for another developer! interested in co-ops? interested in getting involved with co-ops? check us out 😎 goodgoodwork.io/so-you-like-ja

followup: ethical places to buy ebooks?

okay pals: most ethical ereader option, go
options tentatively include rooting my kindle if i’m on a supported fw

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just learned that at least one person on here had me confused for a bot. looking back on my posts and



yeah, i see how that could happen

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y'all these are all beautiful but the point is to post them to OTHER social media sites for mastodon promotion

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itch.io/jam/linux-game-jam-201 this looks fun, are the people associated with it ok? thinking about doing something fun with Twine

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Poll following recent discussions about DM privacy on Mastodon: Should the Mastodon webapp compose screen warn that DMs are stored on the server (accessible by admins)? strawpoll.me/15387726

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One time a previous boss insisted I try to do some graphics design work. I gave her this, and she quit pestering me about it.

@magikarp hey submit a pull request i don’t think gergrern has anything much going on

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