UK passport authority, gender 


anyway shitposting aside should i move to the uk for a few years

i love this small-ass town in north yorkshire, and i get Immensely Sad every time i leave, and i could theoretically live here for a bit before my grandmother passes away.
i work remotely, so could probably continue doing that, and either way there's a decent chance that (as long as they were able to hire) i could get the Good-Ass Coffee Shop in town to hire me
my partner would prob stay in western mass, but i think it would be manageable, and it wouldn't be forever.
i have a passport so it would be p easy

i've never been sure what to do about gender while i'm here. i don't have a good sense of where gender politics are, esp in small-ass towns in the dales.
i'd never be happy with milk in the states again. lbr, though, i'm not now.
maybe i'd develop an accent eventually and stop being mortified to talk, like i have been every time i come over for the past few years

idk. i'd have to talk to a lot of various types of family first, but i think it might be good.

my nieces live in the states, and i'd see them even less! that would be v sad.

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