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because a run of the mill, tiny space man is about to join a shrew worshipping cult... in the Twilight Zone.

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Damn these typos...

Here's the second 'f' for my Toot about lifting a juke box.

New double act to Replace Ant and Dec on iTV's Saturday Night Takeaway

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can't wait til everybody gathers in the fediverse cafeteria for dinner tonight!

Partially reformed East End enforcer and bank robber.

Get-away driver, Rotarian, Publican, Pearly King.

Interests, Pubs and Antiques.

Suits by Huntsman, Savile Row.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

But what does a puny bot know about wearing the number 10 shirt for England...


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DSS 65 carrier lock on THEMIS B
Frequency: 2.2825GHz
Signal strength: -138dBm

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...I've read more of the Guardian football page now.

The writer tries to explain it.

Anyway.... England v The Neander... Netherlands tonight.

It's a friendly but I get confused.

It says Holland on the Guardian football page at the top, then changes to The Dutch, in the pre-match, pundit preamble.

Before referring to them as 'the Oranje’s' a few lines in.

As I once heard someone say, when I pointed out scoring goals wasn't rocket science, ...'NO, it's harder!'