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rosen, absolute walnut

dating swords Show more

what if i trained to be able to play LoZ:LttP blindfolded

that'd be kinda cool? and take forever

food, invasion of private space (silly) Show more

i should find an emulator and stream LoZ: A Link to the Past, i'm getting nostalgia from this LttP randomizer

puzzle clothing: like a puzzle box, but for people

Robots that can't blush but you can tell they're embarassed because their fans start noisily working overtime

gamedev Show more

fun fact: i was talking about myself in the third-person at home and accidentally called myself Rosen (not what i'm currently using there)

but the character in the game i was playing was also named Rosen, so nobody really said anything about it

... anyway, rewriting habits is fun :3

let rosen leave work now and go play modded minecraft imo

time to go pat my friends ๐Ÿš€ nyoooom