something something "the holy trinity is just a median system" something

it's weird, i wake up every morning looking young for my age, but by nightfall my face looks like sun-baked mud flats. something tells me i need to drink more water :thaenkin:

*stirs warheads jellybeans into her can of mello yello*

the more i look at this, the more it starts looking like a GAN-generated image to me and i hate it ahaha

power outage couldn't defeat me THIS time >:0 *flexes her tiny weak muscles*

having to talk to another part of you feels awkward, like having a conversation with a twin while you're both crammed inside a sardine can. it's better than the alternative, at least...

*rolls under a couch and sleeps like a ringtail-shaped dustbunny* :blobcatsleep:

someone should give me an amiga A4000. y'know, just for funsies~

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