i fucking did it. i snagged me a goth girlfriend. i have finally made it.

buying it turned out to be one of the single best decisions of my life. it's an extraordinary little calculator. the design is exceptional - the laptop-style screen saved me hours and hours of craning my neck to peer at a tiny display. i was able to just sit back with the screen comfortably in view at whatever angle i needed, which is a very, very big deal when you've lived with chronic pain your entire life, like me. a design so much better than everything else on the market should have caught on. instead, it faded away as a footnote - the Slim is no longer made and has no successors.

importantly, the Slim has a built-in computer algebra system. which ended up carrying me through three or four math classes i really didn't deserve to pass - i have dyscalculia and solving a algebraic equations is brain-shatteringly hard, even *physically painful* for me. and it was completely impossible until my amazingly patient and all-around angelic high school algebra teacher Ms. Lytton (who was a literal rocket scientist - lovely woman, brilliant, couldn't manage a classroom to save her life) sat down with me after school and spent three hours helping me through the process until it finally clicked.

so every time i had a "solve for x" question on my homework i'd just punch the equation into the calculator and it would immediately spit out the answer. i literally would have failed multiple classes without this thing.

(it's also how i was able to cheat on the SAT and the ACT. the other important thing about the Slim is that it's very, very obscure. as in, test proctors have never seen one before and it's nowhere to be found on their "do not allow" list. despite the computer algebra system, which i was very much not supposed to have. so i didn't completely fail the math sections and managed to make it into college. which i dropped out of anyway. so, eh.)
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so this little fucker is the Casio fx-9860G Slim and it's actually somewhat special, for reasons i didn't discover until years after i stopped using it daily.

i got it back in middle school. my mother was extremely displeased with the amount of money i wanted to spend (around $100). she tried and failed to dissuade me, and i ended up taking it home.

it turns out that as far as i can tell, the Slim is the only graphing calculator ever made with a clamshell design.
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committing time theft daydreaming about pretty girls

do you ever wake up tired from dreaming too hard?

the compass and straight edge is essentially a mechanical computer that runs on the facts of geometry

in ancient india, mathematics was done in poetry. an essential part of solving a math problem was structuring the description of the solution in rhythmic verse

Gender: rarely, and only ever in moderation

I sat breathless, hardly able to quote from the fall.

@chr i was trying to post a photo but it keeps timing out :(

My ideal communist society would absolutely employ artists of all kinds to utilize public spaces to enrich society as well as providing the means for said artists to further their craft. Imagine all public advertisements, for example, being replaced with both commissioned pieces but also spaces where artists are encouraged to do as they please in the interests of experiment and commentary. I would much rather see this.


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