i broke pacman and somehow i3.... time to distro hop again!

idiot relayed

mom really put it in perspective how much of a waste ive been

my mom's getting me the decameron for christmas :blobcatcoffee:

really awkward when your comp sci teacher uses your code to help somebody because he doesn't know what to do :/

BRUH my friends got into an accident this morning so i was driving them home and then somebody rear ended me

today in history we learned rousseau said "we live in a society" but before it was cool to do so

writing a script in powershell, kinda wanna die

i need a triple whopper, large fries, large dr pepper,,,, and then im gonna go to mcdanks and get a double quarter pounder, 20cnugs, and another large fries

my team won $2000 at the hacking thingy,,, we tied with the best college team but lost to our rival high school team that always beats us :(

BRUH i was checking out this high school freshman's githuh and he has
-made an OS with rust
-made his own programming language
-made a discord encryption bot
-made an engine to score cyber patriot images

a team name for a competition on thursday is "Alice and Bob", i need to meet the team and tell them how much i appreciate them

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