me, flirting: I think you have ADHD

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This is a poll for #TRANS PEOPLE ONLY!!

Are you neurodivergent (autism, ADHD, probably others), or DEFINITELY *for sure* neurotypical?

This #poll is messy, I'm too lazy to research whether I'm being politically correct, I'm just trying to find out if NT trans people exist!

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I feel like I'm bad at this whole social media thing


OH: cum retardant material

taking antidepressents is making me more goth

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I wanna make lasagna, but I dont wanna make lasagna just for me

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new album! also made a cute little website for it:

on a date with a trans woman and she starts playing a audiobook of the communist manifesto

types of dragon:
- Bearded dragon
- Axolotl
- Armadillo
- Snakes?

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I think powershell hero and octocat should kiss

call me alpha female because I'm transparent and have sorting issues

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