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"ProtonMail voluntarily offers assistance for real-time surveillance by secret services, police authorities and public prosecutors" -- 🔗 steigerlegal.ch/2019/05/23/pro

Time to #selfhost #email try #caesonia 🔗 github.com/vedetta-com/caesoni

End of an era. I have just permanently deleted my Facebook account. I used Facebook for the last 12 years of my life. So many memories stored there, the problem is that those 12 years of my life were being used without my understanding or awareness. People say it's all in the ToS, but do you really understand how Facebook is using your data? All the evil is in between the lines and we don't even know. Now Facebook may still keep tracking me, but at least it won't be as easy as it used to be.

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The @blender community have done it again! Behold Spring, Blender's new film. Beautiful designs and fantastic effects show how you can create professional, Hollywood-grade CGI using Free Software. Congrats Blender!


If you are getting a Pepper and Carrot vibe, it is no coincidence: @davidrevoy, creator of P&C, used @krita to design the look of the film:


git-send-email.io/ is live! 🎉
This is an interactive tutorial which will teach you how to use git send-email to contribute to open source projects using git's built-in email tools.

Non-comprehensive list of projects which use email-driven development:

- Linux & git (you knew this already)
- *BSD
- gcc, clang
- coreutils, busybox
- glibc, musl libc, newlib
- ffmpeg
- qemu, VirtualBox
- PostgreSQL, MariaDB
- Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and most other large Linux distros

I might have found a way to sneak in my first Rust project at work. 🤗

Installed Fedora in my new ThinkPad laptop. People said it would be an "it just works" experience. Of course, it wasn't...

I didn't know about this project. Seems to have better hardware than raspberry pi. One of the cool things to learn more about...

Great time at this year again. Many insteresting things to checkout at home after the event. 🤔☺️

We have a lot of lost and found items. Even whole backpacks. We should be in ULB at least until 20h for pickups or please send mail to info@fosdem.org if you lost something.

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