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Due to the constant misuse of async Python. I've written a blog post with an example exposing the most common mistake I see in async Python code: 🐍

If you feel like you're being victimised by COVID restrictions because you refuse to get vaccinated, you're not getting any pity from me.

This plague has been an endless barrage on everyone's physical, and mental health.

Not getting the vaccine prolongs this barrage for all of us. I'd say you're being selfish by not getting the shot, but you're also acting against your own interest.

So, get over your self-pity, you have the means for bettering this situation in your own hands.

Web3 is a plan to reimplement things that are already possible, in a very inefficient way, just so that its early adopters can get money for every single transaction on it.

It's like replacing a free way with a dirt road with toll booths.

Arguing with randoms on the internet is not good for your mental health

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"we're going to try bring Arti to a production-quality client implementation over the next year and a half"

"Eventually, once our Rust implementation of Tor is a good replacement for our C implementation, we will stop adding new features to the C implementation, and eventually drop support for it entirely."

#Tor is being rewritten in #Rust 😀

Due to the constant misuse of async Python. I've written a blog post with an example exposing the most common mistake I see in async Python code: 🐍

Our little IDEA store is now shipping to all of Europe – and by popular demand, we added all instructions as posters! 🤩

Plasma 5.20.2 is out. This release adds a week’s worth of new translations and fixes, including improving the consistency of the lid behaviour and fixing the bug in which some user profile fields wouldn’t apply unless they all had unique new values.

Given my current speed with the project that might take some time, since I will definitely not abandon Tusky and I have other hobbies like painting as well.
But now it is public and you can help! How? Download the first build and give me feedback:
Read the contribution guidelines and get in touch with me if you can contribute code!
🧡 ❤️

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The real story is that ‘developing’ nations have done remarkably better at fighting COVID-19 than the rich and white. The real story starts precisely where the western map ends. Here be dragons. We be dragons.

The real story is that places like Vietnam and Mongolia have completely kicked COVID-19’s ass. The real story is that places like Rwanda and Ghana have innovated and survived. There are countless stories like this — from Sri Lanka to Trinidad & Tobago, but you wouldn’t know because we’re not rich or white. But you should know. Because we’re right. This information could save your life.

(But please keep posting about a vaccine, eating like normal, and relying on your institutions to save you. It'll all work out for you I'm sure.)

I will just keep wearing mask even after this pandemic is over. It gives a great sense of privacy when outside.

Any police officer who quits in solidarity with a colleague who put an innocent person in the hospital is a police officer we're better off without.

In partnership with our friends at @kde we are thrilled to be embarking on this new endeavor. The configurability of GNOME paired with the simplicity of KDE - all rolled into a single package. Introducing KNOME, built using QTK3 and Kutter.

Presidente nega a necessidade de isolamento social, mas seu ministro vai usar dados das telecoms para monitorar aglomerações.

Desculpa de pandemia para sistema de vigilância em massa, em desacordo com política do presidente?

In Odysseus my interest lies in exploring new approaches to (re)discovering useful/interesting/entertaining/etc webpages without pushing you to rely on any single service. Instead you should rely on multiple!

So far I've implemented:
* Easily skimmable browser history
* Topsites
* Personalized recommendations (harvesting unvisited links you've encountered)
* Personal recommendations (to get you started)
* & Webfeed autodiscovery

Now to improve bookmarking & search I'll upgrade the addressbar!

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