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I've raved about the Steven Universe RPGs that Grumpyface made. Part of that is, certainly, my fondness for the show and its characters. (Especially Peridot, who can't say anything that isn't at least extremely entertaining.) But it's not JUST that.

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When MAID has become the sixth leading cause of death in Canada we are well beyond "extraordinary circumstances" and "untreatable suffering".

We've reached the "anyone who is somewhat inconvenient to treat" and are headed rapidly to "everyone who fails cost-benefit analysis".

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Re: the “Teacher shortage”

The oldest route in the Republican playbook is starving a public service/institution of funding and then saying hey look it doesn’t work

Among other things, I'm working on a kind of dictionary of general video and computer gaming terms.

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We tend to think about misinformation as “here’s how to disinfect everything ever bc of monkeypox” or Q conspiracy theorists — but the biggest misinfo push in recent months was around Amber Heard on TikTok!

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I did many shows for Steve Allen. We were friends when I was a teenager.

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Someday, I hope to make a sequel to the arcade game "Toobin'" called "2bin'."

I don't even go to their church, so it seems unfitting that I should be that face. Fortunately for them, they did get another applicant, who will probably get the job. They didn't seem like awful people, although that's just on first contact and I don't really know.

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Well, had the interview at my dad's church for the secretary position. They were nice, but I don't think I'll get it. It became clear hearing about the position that the secretary is more or less the soul of the church, or at least often the public face of it.

Something unexpected... Milon's Secret Castle, an important and very confusing early NES game, only has one FAQ on GameFAQs, and it takes the form of a zipped txt file and some simple maps, dating back to 1997.

The episode begins in a couple of hours, there's an unannounced movie from the same year about to begin.

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Pretty awful yeah. There's a Gumby short with it though that's regarded as pretty excellent.

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MST Club is getting underway, at
Tonight's year is 1958, and the episode is 912 THE SCREAMING SKULL, basically about a guy who gaslights his new wife to try to get her to believe his old wife (who he killed for her house) is haunting her.

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In November 1995, Next Generation magazine ran an article highlighting around 80 (despite the title) people they thought were the big players in the video game industry.

Let's have a look at them, ask the question of "where are they now?", and evaluate their predictions.

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If you haven't yet, please read this @thenib cartoon about Shane Patrick Doyle, who died because he couldn't afford insulin.

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A staggering statistic that never ceases to stun me is that 60% of all mammals on Earth are farmed for food, 36% are humans, & only 4% are wild animals. Source: “Biomass Distribution on Earth,” published in the Proceedings of the Natl Academy of Sciences:

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