I've raved about the Steven Universe RPGs that Grumpyface made. Part of that is, certainly, my fondness for the show and its characters. (Especially Peridot, who can't say anything that isn't at least extremely entertaining.) But it's not JUST that.

The battle system is full of unexpected nuances, battle decisions that seem meaningless at first turn out to be very important, and it's much more challenging than you'd expect a game with kids in its target demographic to be.

I won't say it's perfect, there are more situations than you'd expect where a character can go from full health to zero in one attack. This is a game where you'll suffer characters being taken out frequently, you have to expect that.

By "this game," I mean Unleash the Light, the third one. The second one has slightly easier combat, and is more exploratory, and is still probably the high point of the series. But Unleash has really deep combat.

Maybe out of character in an RPG series about a peace-loving kid, Unleash the Light is all about the combat and the fighting and the battle and the beating up of monsters pow bam.

And they keep updating it! The show Steven Universe Future ended February 2020, two and a half years ago, and yet Unleash the Light got updated last *month*, with two new characters and a new challenge mode, on top of the _previous_ challenge mode.

Yeah, I keep talking about it. It's just so good. I'm looking forward to the next thing Grumpyface makes, even if it doesn't have anything to do with Steven Universe. Maybe see if Nintendo needs anyone to make a new Mario & Luigi now that Alphadream's gone?

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