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Last night I discovered that Garfield doesn't even have a website anymore. It just redirects to Nickelodeon's page.

The past two hours of attempting to set up this forsaken cellphone have only confirmed my decision to stay the hell away from them for so, so long

Going to give doing Doordash/Grubhub/Munchclutch/Foodmood/Chompromp/Eatsmeets a try. To this end I have at long last procured a cellphone.

I am wondering, which came first, Speed Rumbler or Jackal? There are big similarities between them.

However! Your powerups reset to zero at the start of each level. Also if your car gets destroyed but you bail out before it explodes, and survive long enough to get a new car (usually very difficult), it starts out with zero powerups.

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The mortar and hammer powerups are the most important; the mortar lets you fire much faster, and the hammer halves all damage you take. But when you're full on powerups, other instances of them turn into 2,000 point bonuses which really help your score.

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The randomness of Speed Rumbler really appeals to me. It seems impossible at first, but if you keep focusing on making progress, dodging threats and getting powerups, you start getting father than you thought possible at first.

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Do you remember when you could load images in a web browser, and it'd offer a magnifying glass option to zoom in on parts of it? Why'd they stop doing that?

I only bought three games this time. The first package I paid for the whole damn thing to mostly play a few games over and over (esp 1943). This time I figure, eh, just get what I know I'll play.

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It seems, in Speed Rumbler on Capcom Arcade 2, I am the 19th ranked score in the world, for making it to halfway through Area 3 on one credit.

Something... I'm starting to realize, I kind of dislike memes. I mean there are still some that are good, but a lot of the meme structure, the visual language, is losing uts appeal. Maybe it's just me getting older (ALMOST FIFTY YIKES), but I think it's more inundation.

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No Southern city has experienced a longer and more damaging legacy of environmental injustice than Birmingham.

To understand how the city's north side became an American epicenter of environmental injustice, you need to know about a plant on 35th Avenue. 🧵

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I knew the Google "Hangouts" / "Chat" thing was a big marketing fuck-up, but I didn't realize that it was an even more massive technical fuck-up.

I just got this email from Google, explaining that "some" of my chats will simply vanish. Which ones? Why? Where are they going?

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The oldest video games are now about 70 years old—and their stories are disappearing.

It's time for MST Club. Tonight's episode is a sleazy slimy classic, 1002 GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS. Join us at EAT! Episode begins at 9 PM ET (in about an hour and 40 minutes), at

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