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@weirdlilguys If you have missed it earlier, speed of freedom 😂😂😂

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Sick Old Woman + Dex Dogtective
Count Dooku + Tetsuo

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I’m curious

For those of you that have been using the internet since at least AIM, where did you spend your time online before the rise of social media (pre 2008)?

Some years ago I worked delivering pizzas and it was really sucky. I hope it turns out better than that.

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But back to the subject. I've been freelancing for so long that I'm looking at the prospect of a steady-hours job with fear and a kind of paralysis. I have no idea what they're like.

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And I really need the money but ugh does it have to be THERE? It's not even related to any of my interests, it's just light computer work. I am ludicrously overqualified for this. Is anyone else hiring out there? Here's my resume: dropbox.com/s/0sd1fehdibejgm9/

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So what's going on today: I'm kind of in panic mode? I have a job interview Friday that I might get? But it's with my Dad's church, which I'm religiously and prob politically unaligned with? If they make attending their church a requirement then I'm going to have to turn it down.

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Thread: As Democrats push for $10.5 billion for 100,000 more cops next week, I'm thinking about Cindy Rodriguez. She was a 51-year-old mother of two living with a physical disability. Police arrested for shoplifting from a grocery store. What happened to her next is important.

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I tried the online therapy “better health” and ended up paying almost $700 and having a single “therapy” session that was the worst therapy experience of my life (I have had many). Now I keep getting ads for them, so this is me doing my part to forewarn others. Bad system!

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I wrote the first new Prodigy Classic content in 23 years

Phillip Heller has reverse-engineered the 1980s-90s Prodigy online service, and we've been rebuilding pages as Prodigy Reloaded. You can use a vintage client to connect to Prodigy again!

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Like 95% of the immediate problems of AI policy are just "who has power under capitalism", and you literally can't do anything about it. AI costs money. Companies have money. Therefore companies build AI. Most talk about democratization is PR-friendly bullshit that ignores this.

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Got a poster-sized print of the Wobbledogs cover art that @Beefstrong made and it looks so good! Excited to get it framed.

Broke 500M in The Getaway on PInballFX3! It feels a lot easier than a physical machine, even if it's really difficult to hit the Supercharger ramp.

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So, the first openly gay mayor in Oklahoma history was chased out of office by homophobic terrorists because he asked two police officers from another town why they pulled over some Black folks in his town and WaPo's conclusion from all that is, "wow, *America* is so polarized!"

MST Club is getting underway, at cytu.be/r/Metafilter_MST3KClub. Come out if you want to watch bad movies (and, later on, a pretty good movie tonight).

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(1) It's time for more shoutouts this week, as the archive of my showcase stream last week is up on my second channel: youtu.be/2GNjfbjxgSA featuring a lot of games: @Play_MythicGame @cSportDriving @VoltageSociety @OptizOnionGames @RinostarGames

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I need you all to read this thread in full.

Many suicidal people are not suicidal because they're sad or "not loved enough". It's because they're forced into despair by systemic policies which keep people in a financial disaster and destroy lives. twitter.com/notpeterwood/statu

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Final Fantasy VI, my book on Final Fantasy VI, is part of @storybundle's Summer Fireball Game Bundle, along with some great stuff by @davidlcraddock, @MossRC, @brianriggsbee, @caraellison, and @HG_101!

Check it out, pick it up, and support @qweertygamers!

David Craddock's Twitter account got hacked, his temporary (possibly permanent depending on if Twitter resolves this) replacement is @realDLCraddock

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