Much of it is in print in Exploring Roguelike Games, but not all of it.

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The whole run of @ Play can now only be found on the Wayback Machine.
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This would be a fantastic week to say something about how the Internet Archive has helped you over the years. Quote-tweet or reply. /

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Great Humble Bundle deal on MIT Press video game books. No less than three of my publications, as well as books from the Playful Thinking series I co-edit and from Platform Studies.

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Finished! One custom Naomi Monkey Ball controller with 3D printed Banana, Gundam Joystick and built in I/O.

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I make free asset packs with a CC0 license. You can even modify them or use them on your commercial projects!

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This week, my next, and biggest book yet, is coming out: Game Design Deep Dive F2P, for a talk about the mobile/live service market, ethical monetization and more

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One thing I think about alot: the exurban & rural places in which US conservatives live are utterly bereft of public spaces. Church attendance is declining. There are virtually no civic groups & associations left. These people live in *profoundly* alienating circumstances.

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this has become sort of a pervasive problem in indie games. if a few small teams manage to pull off a large scale project and sell it at launch for 15 bucks & it's successful - that becomes the default expectation from consumers for everything else like it

The place I have been is McDonald's, which is right next door to Zaxby's, but they never ask about that. This has been going on for months.

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And the last option is always, I haven't been to any of these places. Which I always answer. And I can just imagine the sigh of both their disappointed algorithm and GPS tracking system as they pay me from 15 to 20 cents for that knowledge.

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They always ask it like:
Which of these places have you been?
- Place I've never heard of.
- Place that may not exist anywhere in the world.
- Ludicrously made-up place.
- Some other place they made up.

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Regularly, for around twice a week, Google Opinions, which watches my movements like a hawk would a mouse, had paid me about 20 cents a day to tell them I HAVE NOT been to Zaxby's.

Yeah, I keep talking about it. It's just so good. I'm looking forward to the next thing Grumpyface makes, even if it doesn't have anything to do with Steven Universe. Maybe see if Nintendo needs anyone to make a new Mario & Luigi now that Alphadream's gone?

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has a secret LAN Mode! Hold L+R and click-in the Left Stick on the main menu. Wire up to 12 Switches for 12-player in person Mario Kart action!

And they keep updating it! The show Steven Universe Future ended February 2020, two and a half years ago, and yet Unleash the Light got updated last *month*, with two new characters and a new challenge mode, on top of the _previous_ challenge mode.

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Maybe out of character in an RPG series about a peace-loving kid, Unleash the Light is all about the combat and the fighting and the battle and the beating up of monsters pow bam.

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By "this game," I mean Unleash the Light, the third one. The second one has slightly easier combat, and is more exploratory, and is still probably the high point of the series. But Unleash has really deep combat.

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I won't say it's perfect, there are more situations than you'd expect where a character can go from full health to zero in one attack. This is a game where you'll suffer characters being taken out frequently, you have to expect that.

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The battle system is full of unexpected nuances, battle decisions that seem meaningless at first turn out to be very important, and it's much more challenging than you'd expect a game with kids in its target demographic to be.

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